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Checklist for Handover from Builder to Owners Association

Comments(13) Sub Category:Owners Association Posted On: Jun 18, 2010

Each apartment complex has its own apartment owners association for maintenance of apartment and its amenities. But before formation of apartment owners association, it is duty of builder to maintain the apartment and its amenities. Most developers provide a corpus fund for maintenance of apartment and its amenities. The maintenance will be carried out by the Builders till the formation of Apartment Owners Association. After completion of project and formation of apartment owners association, builder need to handover left over money, audited accounts of the maintenance fund and interest earned and builder has to handover apartment and its amenities to apartment owners association.

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Checklist for Handover from builder

Apartment owners association need to get documents and audited accounts from builder during handover of apartment. Following are list of items builder has to handover apartment owners association during handover of apartment and its amenities.

  • Proof of approved floor plans: Builder has to handover documents and proof of approved floor plans to apartment owners association during handover of apartment and its amenities.
  • Copy of Building plan and approval plan: All building plans need to be approved by the local authority. Builder has to handover copy of building plan and approval plan to association to prove the apartment and all its amenities are constructed as per plan approved by concerned authority.
  • NOC from local authority: No objection Certificate or NOC is issued only to apartment or building that does not object to the covenant of the certificate. Builder has to handover NOC from pollution board, electricity, water and fire department needed to apartment owners association.
  • Completion certificate (CC): An apartment or building cannot be occupied without completion certificate. Issuing of Completion Certificate will ensure that the owner has constructed the building as per approved plan. Builder has to handover completion certificate to association.
  • Transfer utility connection: It is duty of builder to transfer utility connection to association name during handover of apartment and its amenities. In case builder fails to transfer utility connection, builder has to give NOC to apartment owners association for transferring utility connections such as electricity, water connection to association.
  • Handover of documents: Handover of documents such as original registration documents, parental documents, drawings, concerned authority approvals etc. to the association.

Other documents or items to handover

Following are other important documents or items that a builder need to handover to association along with handover of apartment and its amenities.

  • Audited accounts of the maintenance and interest earned
  • Details of deposit if any
  • Apartment tax related details
  • Insurance details for the building
  • Hand over of the left over money
  • Handover of Office room, departmental stores, records, documents etc. to the association.
  • Contract or agreement details of maintenance staffs and security service
  • Issue of consent letter from Electricity Board for change of name
  • List of amenities in the apartment
  • List of service offered by builder after handover of apartment
  • Handover of function hall, parking lot, swimming pool and other amenities to the association
  • Contracts on the structural issues
  • Insurance details for the building
  • Car Parking allocation and marking
  • Repairs or service (for any of the house if owner asks for it)

After formation of apartment owners association, builder has to handover maintenance fund or corpus fund to apartment owners association. In some cases, builder keeps some income generating areas with themselves though association is formed. The Act gives apartment owners alone the right to generate income from common areas and facilities in apartment. In case builder fails or refuse to handover apartment or its amenities after completion of construction and formation of apartment owners association, a criminal offence could be filed against the builder by association. After formation of RWA or apartment owners association, builder has to handover maintenance fund, documents relating to apartment and its amenities to apartment owners association.


13 Responses to “Checklist for Handover from Builder to Owners Association”

  1. prabhakar.s says:

    Yes I like this. However some questions: In case if the builder does not provide any of the documents or the c.c. or any NOC required what should be done.( in case if the apartment has already been occupied)?

  2. S.N.Sudheendrra says:

    Thanks for tarak desaifor check list for handover from builder to owner.Mr. N.Sudheer also had sent asLAYMAN’S GUIDE TO WORLD CLASS FLATS AT ELITA PROMANEDE kindly go through it dated,7th june 2010

  3. Atul Singh says:

    Very Informative and help ful

  4. Devendra says:

    I Have made ful payment of the Apartment i bought(Loan+money i m suppose to give to builder) I have all the receipt of payment frm builder dated 2006 now when i have to sell my flat builder is refusing the NOC & is demanding extra money … reasoning that good hike in property… what option do i have

  5. vswaminathan says:

    Sub: LPG Connection/supply of cylinder – For Government’s recent clarification see-


    The subject clarification is seen to give some comfort to the aggrieved section of the public but not to all; in particular, to the owners of apartments in new buildings. As ought to have been known to the concerned Ministry and others, there is always a time lag between – the event of conveyance and occupation, and the builder-seller arranging for and having each of the electricity meters transferred to the respective individual apartment owner. In the interim, the monthly billings for all the meters, though each Bill has a separate RR Number, are issued only to the name of the builder-seller. Albeit, in turn, he passes them on for payment to and are paid by the respective owners, directly to BESCOM. As such, while the Bill will show the RR Number, the apartment owner cum payer’s name will find no mention.
    It is, therefore, imperative that the Ministry should ensure that such cases also are covered through a suitable further clarification and extension of the dead line for compliance.

  6. StowKmetz says:

    It is really a nice and helpful piece of information. I am happy that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Nilesh says:

    Very informative post. However, what is the procedure for registration of an apartment owerns association and with whome to register?

  8. N kumar says:

    What is the procedure to register apartment owners association. Who is the competent authority for registration? is there any time limit for that?

  9. Hari says:


    From which floor the NOC certificated issued. Is it true that ground + 2 floors would not have NOC?

    Thanks in advance,
    Waiting for your reply,


  10. Sridhar says:

    Thank you for the information on the apartment handover to society from builder. When we say handover, is it tranfer of ownership of common amenities or handover of original documents of the registration or what? I am little confused with the word handover, please clarify here

  11. Hemmal Dena says:

    Discovered your content extremely exciting without a doubt. I seriously enjoyed studying it and you make fairly some very good factors. I will bookmark this web site for that foreseeable future! Relly wonderful report.

  12. Sivakumar says:

    I’m a supervisor of an construction organisation. We gonna handover the building to the flat owners. Does we have to get any signature for the completion of work? Please send us the format if any… Thank you in advance sir.

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