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Eco Friendly

Articles and Resources about Eco Friendly

Concept Homes gaining prominence across Tier II cities

The trend for ‘Concept homes’ is no longer relegated to major cities in India with many Tier II as well as a few Tier III cities joining the ...

Don’t Touch Me Bathtub or Yin Yang Couple Tub

Don’t Touch Me Bathtub or Yin Yang couple tub is a Dual-Bather bathtubs recommended for use by two people. Many times the water temperature, soap, etc ...

Is your home office an eco-friendly home office?

With home-offices becoming a trend in India, many people today dedicate a separate office-space in their homes. You need not be a telecommuter or a ...

Tips to make your home an energy-efficient home

Living in an energy efficient home is not just for the environment, but good for our pockets too. There is an increasing dependence today on solar power, ...

9 tips for reducing food waste in your home

With a vast majority of the world’s population sleeping hungry and without food each day, it is our moral duty to conserve food and stop unnecessary ...

5 natural ways to keep garden insects at bay

Tips to keep damaging pests away. Pests are everywhere but you do not need to be harsh on them with chemical pesticides, as that will ultimately hit the health ...

How to convert a regular home into a green, energy-efficient ...

Let’s first make the distinction, for the sake of convenience and clarity, between an ‘ecologically sustainable home’ and a ‘green ...

Tips for choosing energy efficient materials for your home

There has been a remarkable upsurge in the projects aspiring for green rating as a quantifiable measure of their environmental performance. Energy efficient ...

How to celebrate Independence Day in an eco-friendly way?

Independence Day is one of the most significant occasions for us as a nation to rejoice the freedom of our distinct individuality. The day is celebrated in all ...

Clean your apartment with eco-friendly solutions

Most of us while cleaning make sure that our furniture shine and our home gets cleaned properly, but we do not check whether the chemicals we are using to ...

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