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4 easy tips for selecting cushions for your interiors

No Comments Sub Category:Decor,Expert Speak,Interior Decor Posted On: Mar 25, 2015

decowindow cushion cover bowBored with the way your home looks? Adding a few elements here and there can always help in perking up look of your room. Say hello to our friends, cushions. Gone are the days when cushions and pillows were used only for beds and sofas, today they serve many more purposes.

A cushion is a very crucial element in any drawing room setting. These small things can instantly make your room more interesting and vibrant. Cushions can boost any dull corner. Let your cushion do all the talking for your interiors.

Trendy Tips:

We present to you an amalgamation of trends in cushions and tips on how to use those trends in the best possible manner.

  1. Golden hues are rocking the decor scene. You can invest in some metallic colored cushion covers. The advantages of doing so are- firstly, they can add a sparkle to your room. Secondly, when matched with some dull shades like brown or beige, they will make an interesting combo. But remember, never overdo gold. Small pillows in gold will always be a better option if you want to go for more than one pillow. This kind of trend goes well will brightly lit rooms and tastefully colored walls too. Interesting textures in gold and other metallic shades or intricate embroidery is also a good idea.
  2. Colorful cushions are loved by all. It’s actually a necessity to have a variety of colors in your cushion collection. Especially if you somebody who loves colors, vibrant and popping colors like blue, pink, orange are your best choices. For people who want to stay trendy but do not enjoy too many colors should go for Mediterranean blue for the Greece like feel. They can also opt for the Pantone color of the year: Marsala color. This color is surely something different and with its rustic wine hue, it adds a different dimension to your room. Solid colors in cushion work well when you have a dull colored sofa or when your room setting is subtle.
  3. Printed situations are any day better than solid mono tone ones. For adding some artistic touch to your room, go in for wild prints, abstract prints, or floral prints. Prints are the biggest trend of the year 2015. Printed cushions will give a different feel to your room. The best part about prints is, you can opt for various prints and they look well in almost every kind of setting. For example, a classy plain jane white interior can surely do well with Big pillows in graphical prints. To add more fun, one can opt for comical prints too. Since its spring time, A floral Bloom will surely be the best way to create a refreshing environment. For the art lovers, abstract prints or ancient prints can add a lot of meaning to your home setting.
  4. Vintage theme: Our personal favorite is the Vintage theme. With so many new age things coming into the picture, people are now going back into the future. The turned sofa 60s, 70s are not old anymore. The old world charm works wonders in room decor too. So invest in some vintage inspired cushions and add some golden ear touch to your home.

Quirky alternatives for using cushions

  • decowindow cushion cover redPrinted and vintage patterned cushions can be used as wall hanging. All you need to do is pin it to your wall in a kite shape manner. They can also be hanged in the same manner to create perfect wall hangings.
  • Another interesting alternative is to use big, embroidered cushions as table mats. They can serve as amazing artistic pieces for your dining table or coffee table.
  • They can also be used as a makeshift curtain for small windows of your house.
  • Throw cushions on the floor, to make a comfy floor seating arrangement. This can be done if you have kids in the house or if you have a low dining table with floor seating arrangement. You can also use this technique to create a cozy reading corner in your room.
  • Some really interesting and unique cushion pieces can be framed and used as a decorative item. If you have invested a lot of money in a specific work or a specific type of print, then why not add a beautiful frame to it and use it as a wall decor.
This article is contributed by Vaibhav Jain, CEO of Deco Window a domestic endeavor of Jayanita Exports Pvt Ltd. Deco Window offers wide-ranging window solutions.

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