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Add Colour to your Walls with Ceramic tiles

No Comments Sub Category:Decor,Interior Decor Posted On: Mar 04, 2015

Ceramic wall art designCeramic wall art tiles can be used on the wall, floor and countertop. Ceramic tiles have become synonymous with home decor in recent times. From traditional use in bathroom and kitchens, ceramic tiles are now used in a number of settings including commercial ventures.

Advantages of Ceramic Tiles

From the use of traditional tiles in the past, the world of construction today embraced ceramic tiles because of its multiple advantages. Ceramic tiles have improved over time due to the use of modern day technology in tile manufacturing. Ceramic tiles today offer a number of benefits including increased hygiene, cost effectiveness and their stain proof qualities. Effectively, ceramic tile made from clay that has been permanently hardened by heat and often having a decorative glaze.

Ceramic tiles cost less

Being cost effective is one of the high points of ceramic tiles. Compared to the use of traditional marbles, ceramic tiles cost less than half the price of it, and have an almost equal shelf life. Added to this is the variety of designs available in both glazed and matte finish, which gives ceramic tiles gain a head start compared to marble and other traditional stones.

Using ceramic tiles on the walls on the other hand may cost a little more than paints or good old wall paper, but considering the shelf life and no repair costs for a long term, it is an investment worth its high cost.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean

Ceramic tiles are fast and easy to clean, making them compatible with most modern day homes. One has the option to choose the tile finish ranging from gloss to semi gloss to matt making the tiles multipurpose. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and do not require any rough abrasion to bring the luster like in case of marbles.

Mold and Fungus Resistant

Since ceramic tiles are mold and fungus resistant, they are a perfect solution for high moisture areas including those areas located near a water body like sea or river. Ceramic tiles do not allow any fungus to make inroads even in the tile joints making them a perfect all weather flooring option for both residential and commercial ventures.

Ceramic art tile or Multiple Wall Art Options

Ceramic tiles offer multiple wall art options that can make an ordinary home look exotic and well designed. Ceramic tiles come in multiple sizes which allow them the uniqueness to offer designs perfect for long rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms and kitchen spaces. Digital ceramic tiles with digital printing are slowly emerging as the popular choice for designers as well as interior decorators allowing them more designing options for the home.


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