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Maintenance Fee

How to Calculate Maintenance Charge of flats in Maharashtra?

Maintenance charges or service charges are levied by all cooperative housing societies to cater for expenses incurred. The basis on which the society charges ...

Important Charges to be paid post possession

There are various charges that have to be incurred by the owner of the property post possession. These charges are largely categorized as Maintenance Charges, ...

Maintenance charges calculation in housing socities

Maintenance charges are an inescapable reality for every apartment owner. People living in apartments or housing societies have to pay a considerable sum of ...

The impact of budget 2012 on service tax for housing societies

With the initiation of new policies in the budget 2012 former this year, there have been many changes even in the service tax payment of the housing societies. ...

Popular Methods to Calculate Maintenance Fee in Apartment Complexes

Apartment owners and tenants have to pay maintenance fee for the amenities and service enjoyed by them in their apartment. Expense incurred for the maintenance ...

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