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Guide to Property Registration in Mumbai

Comments(99) Sub Category:Legal,Property,Property Registration Posted On: Jul 23, 2009

Property buying in India is one of the good long-term investment options. When buying or selling a property, it is compulsory to register it. It ensures the legal transfer of ownership of the property. Registration acts as a proof for transaction and registration is done after execution of the agreement. The language of the document can be English, Hindi, Marathi or Gujarati so that it can be registered in Mumbai.

Property Registration Property Registration in Mumbai

Documents or Papers Required for Property Registration in Mumbai

    • Adjudication
      Adjudication is the process of ascertaining the market value and valuing the property to ascertain the stamp duty that is applicable on the property. If the document is signed, adjudication must be done within one month, else two per cent interest per month will be charged. Adjudication is valid up to six months or till December 31st of a particular year, whichever is earlier.
  • Registration fees
    The Sub-registrar will determine the registration fees payable and issue the challan/confirms to accept the pay slip. Pay the registration fees by challan/pay slip from any nationalized bank as per the procedure laid down by the respective Sub-registrar.
  • No Objection Certificate
    No Objection Certificate under the Urban Land Ceiling Act is required if the area of land transferred exceeds 500 sq. mts. in Mumbai city and if the land belongs to a government, semi- government body or a charitable trust, NOC of such government or charitable trust is required.
  • Property Card
    Property Card of the land on which the property is being registered or is situated.
  • Original document and its copy
    The document must be printed or typed on one side only and in black ink. A photocopy should be taken on only one side of the paper and there should be butter paper between the two sheets of the photocopy.
  • Proof of old construction
    It is better to get the document adjudicated in case the building is very old and proper depreciation is not given by the Sub-registrar. If property sold or purchased is in the old building and the benefit of depreciation is claimed on the market value, then any one of the following documents is to be produced as a proof of old construction:
  1. Municipal assessment bill of the building
  2. Building Completion Certificate
  3. Original registered agreement between the builder and buyer or of any other flat in that building.
  • Proof of identity
    You need to produce ID proof with photo. The ID proof can be any of the following: Copy of driving license, Passport, PAN card, Driving License, Employee ID, Voter ID or Proof of your address with some supporting document.

Steps or Process involved in Registration of Property in Mumbai

The real purpose of registration is to ensure that every person dealing with property can confidently rely on the statement contained in the register. The process of registration mainly involves the following steps.

  • Pay proper stamp duty:
    Ascertain stamp duty;either you can find out the market value of your property and the stamp duty amount on it from the Ready Reckoner or get the document adjudicated.
  • Registration Fees:
    Pay the registration fees by challan/pay slip from a nationalized bank. This registration fee should be paid a few days before going for registration and the receipt is to be shown to the Sub-Registrar’s office one day before the actual date of registration.
  • Obtain the appointment:
    The Sub-registrar first obtains the signatures of parties and witnesses in his presence. Thereafter, the Registrar puts his official seal and affixes unique numbering block on each page including the additional sheets and sheets which generally carry photographs, signatures, details of parties and witnesses.
  • Two Witnesses:
    The sub-registrar first obtains signature of parties and witnesses in his presence. Thereafter Registrar puts his official seal and affixes unique numbering block on each page including the additional sheets and sheets which generally carries photographs, signatures, details of parties and witnesses.

The copy of such Pay Order/Demand Draft of bank for registration is to be submitted on the day of taking the token number. Pay the required registration fees and computer service charges in cash as per the receipt when the token number is announced. Submit one copy each of  original documents. After completing the formalities, the original document is returned to the concerned party presenting the document for registration. This completes the process.

is the process of ascertaining the market value and valuing the property to ascertain the stamp duty that is applicable on the property. If the document is signed, adjudication must be done within one month, else two per cent interest per month will be charged. Adjudication is valid up to six months or till December 31st of a particular year, whichever is earlier


99 Responses to “Guide to Property Registration in Mumbai”

  1. Subhash Gurjar says:

    I have inherited the property which my father had purchased in the year 1962 and after his detah in the year 1969 , the society transferred the same t my name in the year 1985, Is it neccessary to Register the said Document

    • sushil kumar says:

      after the tranfer the property in your name in the record of society, it is also neccessary to mutate in the record of municipal corporation in your name only.

      • Sudhir Goyal says:

        I think mutation is required if anybody have a land, in case of flat mutation of the property is not required

    • vadan says:

      no u have not to pay stamp duty if property come threw will or legal hire, but property come to u when yr father alive then u have to pay stamp duty as normal or it in gift deed

    • Sudhir Goyal says:

      No not necessary

  2. mahesh ved says:

    dear sir

    i live in mumbai.in the suburb ghatkopar. our community’s charity trust obtained permission from charity commissioner and have constructed the building and allotted flats to our caste members on tenancy basis.market value of property is around 5000/per sq.ft.but we have been allotted at the concessional rate of 2250.the market rent is approx.15000 for 600 sq.ft.but our trust has chargerd concessional rent of 300 per month.now the building is ready for occupation.i have made full payment to the trust.but trust insists thet i pay stamp duty @5% on market value and execute the tenancy agreement,otherwise they will not give possession.i m ready to indemnify the trust for stamp duty in view of the adudication proceedings i m going to start with the collector of stamp duty as i feel that this being trust property and alloted at concessional rate with concessional rent qualifies for concessional stamp duty.
    pl advise me,if trust can withheld the possession to me even after making full payment to them.if they do what should i do?pl help.how do i contact u in mumbai?

  3. mansukh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have an inquiry to be made….

    I am an NRI and planning to buy a property, i would like to know how to calculate the stampduty fees and registration fees for a residentail property?

    Also, is stamp duty different from registration fees…?

    Please reply on my email.
    Thanks for your help in advance.

    • DEVEN says:


  4. Kuldeep says:

    We got a flat in a co-operative housing society in andheri which is in my and my wife’s name (joint holder of the flat) . Even the registration is done in our names and stamp duty is also paid . We are planning give our flat on a rental basis. Hence, just need to know that can we avail a NOC (No Objection Certificate ) in my wife’s name from the society to rent our flat and can she do a property resistration in just her name with the tenant on a rental basis.

  5. Dr.Shakti Samant Waghe says:

    i have purchased a flat by MECP (Mahedra Engenearing & Chemicals limited) earlier this flat was constructed by Mahendra infrastructure & devlopment limited, in 2001, then by high court order to divide some flats to there sister concern’s, i purched flat on july 2008 got registry but so far socityhas not transfred the flat to my name everytime they say some paper is missing what ever has been provided by mahendra corporate office i have given its almost one & half year gone kindly suggest what way i have to proceed legaly to transfer the flat in my name although i am paying maintanence from the same period. electricity bill & all is coming on mahendra’s name, please advise.
    Director (Medical)
    Govt. Of India Ministry Of labour & Employment,
    Central Labour Institute,
    Sion, Mumbai, 400022

    Residence Address :- H-74, Mahendra Park, Narayan Nagar,
    LBS Marg, Ghatkoper (West), Mumbai, 400086

    • dipak says:

      You can approach Dy. Regsitrar of Co-operative society. If the society has not tranfer your share with in three month its deemed to transfer

  6. venkat says:


    I am planning to buy a property in mumbai. Can I specify my hyderabad address in the registration document? or is it mandatory to specify the Mumbai address?


  7. Rajeev says:


    I live in a mhada blg, our last registration date was on April 2009, till date we have not

    paid the regisrtation fees, due to some reason, so kindly advise me what is the procedure

    for registration now.

    Thanking You,

    With Best Regards,

    Rajeev Gadala.

    My Residence address 168/4709, pantnagar, naidu colony, mumbai -400075.

  8. Victor says:


    I am NRI planning to buy a flat in mumbai. But the builder is saying that on booking only receipt and allotment letter will be issued. and agreement will be made after 3 to 4 months.is this ok.

    Thanks & Regards,

  9. MARTIN says:

    Can i put Box grills in my flat .I ustd they are not allowed by BMC and Fire Department


  10. namrata maynak says:

    is there any vat (value add tax for porperty registration

  11. namrata maynak says:

    is there any vat for property registration

  12. nilesn says:

    i have pur resale flat at kalyan,my seller missplace his original agreement, which has made by builder with my seller, i have xerox copy of that agreement , but that agreement was not registrer because that agreement made in 1985 & I think that time Reggistration is not need.
    so what i can do for get the old agreement.

  13. Anonymous says:

    according to news channels the vat is 1% from 1st April and there would be a service tax up to 3.5% from june onwards.

    defeinitely teh property demand is going to come down and thus the prise also will down drastically.

  14. Ashok Patwa says:

    How to take the token no. from registration office at bandra and od custom house?

  15. M.Desai says:


    Any thoughts on how to procure a copy of the ownership documents in case they are damaged or lost? Also it would be great if you could provide some specific pointers like
    - Where can this be done for an apartment in Mumbai?
    - What documents might be needed?
    - Will a legal representative be required?
    - What are the approximate fees for getting this done?

    Any inputs in this regard will be greatly appreciated.


  16. Shivam Singh says:


    I have heard that the registration of the property can now be done online in mumbai.

    Could you tell me the website?

  17. vadan v antrolia says:

    i had done adjucation of my one party but seller party is not available then how i will registerd, i ask to registrar to do registration by deed of declaration they are refuse me that in land / conveyance one side is not possible then party had paid stamp duty what to he had to do?
    tell me.
    vadan v antrolia

    • Satish says:

      Hi vadan v antrolia,

      I am also in the same issue. The seller is not available for Registration for the property which I have bought in 2008. Let me know in case if you have found any solution for this.

      • satinder says:

        Mr.satish it is very necessary for the owner..who hold the property card in their name to be present…without them registration is not possible

  18. Subodh says:


    I need to add my name to an existing appartment which is in the name of my sister in law, in Mumbai. I am intrested in knowing details of an agent who would do all the paperwork and appointments for registration.

  19. dr satish singh says:

    please let me know market value prevailing in the year 2003 in matunga mumbai. i need it to calculate capital gains

  20. windsor dsouza says:

    i am intending to buy a flat in thane.i am a third party buyer what documents do i need to check and have.its a new flat.

  21. aps says:

    Dear Sir,
    one of my family member has purchased flat in 1981 in parle . Builder has not completed the work , oc & conveyance is also not taken . other member has occupied the flats forcefully . my family member has taken possesion of flat through consumer court .
    my question flat agreement was done in 1996 in bandra office under amenisty scheme . only reg. chagres are paid . stamp duty was not asked . but documents are still not given back . what we should do ?


  22. Charu Sawant says:

    Dear sir/madam,

    if the registeration is not done and the name of the property card is changed, then wat action should be taken to challenge tis…court order or legal notice from a lawyer ???

    rply at ur earliest
    thanx !

  23. Uma shankar says:

    Sir, I am planning to buy a flat in koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai. The current owner of flat is 3rd owner. But the first owner who buys the flat from CIDCO in 1995, have not done the registration. Now it is neccessary to do the registration for the 1st owner to get the loan from Bank. Is it possible to excute the registration process through the current owner? If it is possible how can we proceed?

  24. Suvarna says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like know whether the area of registration is open for Ambernath Place- Dist – Thane for Chawl system houses

  25. aswin mitra says:

    I would like to purchase a flat at dattani shelter opp goregaon bus depot in Mumbai,The original vendor of the land shows on the 7/12 extracts is Byramjee jeejeebhoy.The survey no is 6a Taluka Borivali and Village GoregaonI request you to please furnish me with the following information.

    1.Is Dattani Dev is right holder of a portion of a land in the same survey no.
    2.Is dattani shelter is legal fully protected for the flat buyer and what are the other anticidentds running parallel to the property.
    3.Its legal validity for sale of flats as on date

  26. satinder says:

    Mr.satish it is very necessary for the original owners holding the property card to be present without them registration is not possible……….

  27. Anil says:


    Our society went for redevelopment. My father is the owner of the flat. We booked in extra space for which we are paying the dfference amt to the builder. In the new deed, my father is the owner as I could not put my name as I was out of the country.
    Now I need to take a bank loan for the difference amount and pay to the builder. What is the process to include my name as well.

  28. Pravin says:


    My dad owns a flat of 200 sq ft carpet in society, this was bought in the year 1981.
    The sale deed is not registered. We would like to know are we suppose to register this agreement, if yes then will we be charged penalty at the time of registration.

  29. Manisha Lad says:


    My father owns a property in Andheri (w) mumbai and is alive.
    He has done the gift deed of the same to me and now i want to start the transfer process with the collectro’s office
    do need to go thry an agent ?
    where can i find the entire procedure?

    please reply manishaladnc@gmail.com
    i would appreciate it

  30. REENA says:

    i looked one resident in chembur of 200sq feet .for which the owner is providing election card, ration card and meter card except photo pass which he dont have.should i buy this property.or else please suggest wht can be done to buy this property legally.


  31. c d mishra says:

    i am purchasing a cidco flat at nerul.i have paid part payment to the owner.butt the property has not registered yet on owners name. can you describe me about the cidco open file registration schemes . what should i do now as a apurchaser.

  32. chandan roy says:

    Dear sirs,

    We have purchased a property in 1998 in Howrah (West Bengal). the total cost of the property was s.220000/-. First we have given them Rs.150000/- then Rs.50000/- and then Rs.18000/- and we told them that we are having problem to procure further sum of registration cost they have agreed and said that they will registered when we will procure the amount. Now they have shifted to Jharkhand. since last four years we have chased them to registry the property but they still keep pending ? the agreement by which they have taken money from us is with us. everytime we phone them they said we are busy this and that. what we should do ?

  33. hi good evening .
    i bought one property in kausa mumbra thane. by DRT court in 23 october 2010 do i have to pay previous taxes etc which is not paid by ex owner.court paper issue date is mention above.
    plz inform me i am puzzled

  34. hi,
    my dad had a house( along with surname mistake),
    my father had taken 1 lakh 50 thousands rupee five year back from a men,
    and in agrement written that will pay the money after 1 to 2 year failing to pay the money
    the house will become to other men,
    but still now the tax is in favour of my dad name, (along with surname mistake),
    and what is these can i get our house back ,
    what should i do pls help
    my no 8108601124

  35. Nilesh Shirke says:

    If i am Buying the FLAT from 3rd Party & they have buyed this in year of 1991 where as they have not registered this agreement then if i am registering this now will that old agreement also need to be registered or will make any difference in the future in the Chain of document is not registred

  36. neetu says:


    My father bought a property 15 year back. He gave the money by draft and received a written and signed note for the receiving of money with respect to the house by the seller, but no sale deed was made. After that the person he bought the property from did not come forward to register, even now he does not intend to come for registration and he is not signing the sale deed too. What can we do to get the property registered in my father’s name? we have been paying the house tax till date or the past fifteen years, and we have all other documents to prove that we have been staying in the property for 15 years. A lawyer suggested that summon him through court, and if he doesnt come to the court, then the property will automatically become ours. Can we do the same?

  37. Manisha says:

    We have a flat in andheri west in the name of our mom
    she had given a power of attorney to my father when alive
    to handle the rental agreements
    she passed away in apr 2009
    she also had done the nomination in my
    sisters name in 2004 but was never got acknowledged
    after her death noW we two sisters and our father Are legal hires
    after moms death father is not keeping good relationship with us
    and donot treat us well
    he is also having a live in relationship with a young
    we started the transfer process with proper
    idenmnity bond and affidavit but now he has an objection to transfer the flat after
    sigining the affadavit with Normal notarizatiob
    he is renting the flat and enjoyng the rent from two yes now
    without our permission
    neither the society is also cooperating

    what can we do
    we have an objection on him renting the place without our permission
    can we file a complaint with the register office
    Can it be done online as we are out of station

    • Vasanthlaw says:

      you are one of the legal heir so you can file a suit for partition along with your sister your father will get only one share equally what alloted to you

      advocate, 09843452562 

  38. Sbharat says:

    hi i m doing flat stamp duty & registration fees pls reply me i m purchase this flat Rs-11 lac & agreement rs- 11lac what is rate of stamp duty & registration charges

  39. [...] president Lalitkumar Jain, said the developer community was being branded as being corrupt.CREDAI Mumbai to seek an appointment with the prime minister to discuss ways and means to check the cancer of [...]

  40. gudiya says:

    I am planning to buy a house in mumbai but v stay outside India, so would like to know if someone can help me to know how much time will it take for all legal process as i will b in india only for 10 days. thanks

  41. Ardi Pinto says:

    I recently shifted into a ground floor flat at Lokhandwala complex. the rent is Rs 18000 per month and has been registered for 2 years, with a 10% increment after the first year. My broker has already taken Rs 3000 from me and now says I owe him more money as the registration was two years and not one. Please tell what the entire possible amount it would take for registering the flat for rental purposes for two years is inclusive of all possible extra charges.
    thank you

  42. This is such a great post to share with. I
    find it very informative. Thanks for sharing this guide.

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  44. Khubaibshaikh says:

    Dear Sir, how can i find a buying and selling transaction details and share certificate details of a flat in andheri west mumbai without society help

  45. sweetgal21a@gmail.com says:

    We stay in CXhawl in Vikhroli, but its not yet registered. Can you pls let me know the process of Registration? Which office should we approach for the same? How will it cost and the required documents?

  46. priti sharma says:

    Sir we want to purchase a 2 BHK in a flat on mhada land or in mhada construction. However a few people have told us that we cannot become the actual owners of the flat as it can be confiscated any time or after 99 years the flat can be confiscated. Is it true ? Your early reply will be very helpful in our decision making ? Pl reply on my email pritisharma1605@gmail.com

  47. freeby says:

    I visit every day some websites and sites to read articles, but this webpage presents feature based content.

  48. Meenakshi Bahur says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have bought a 225 sq ft flat in Mhada Malwani Purnima CHS in Kandivali (West) in the year 2009. We have done the stamp duty & Registration in my name from the first party.. Now we want to transfer the said flat in my name so that we can get ration card.. please tell me the procedure and how much are the charges and where we have to go for the same.

    Kindly guide and oblige.

  49. Meenakshi Bahur says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have bought a 225 sq ft flat in Mhada Malwani Purnima CHS in Kandivali (West) in the year 2009. We have done the stamp duty & Registration in my name from the first party.. Now we want to transfer the said flat in my name so that we can get ration card.. please tell me the procedure and how much are the charges and where we have to go for the same.

    Kindly guide and oblige.

  50. ronnie pereira says:


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