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How to enhance your home balcony look with window box planters?

No Comments Sub Category:Decor,Gardening and Landscaping Posted On: Feb 23, 2015

Having a wooden box planter is one of the modern ways to decor your home balcony or window. Instead of having pots placed on the balcony floor, window box planters offer a great way to increase the beauty quotient of the home balcony or window. Before you plan to adopt a window box for your home, here are certain things that you need to know about window box planters.

Ways to Choose the Best Size Window Box Planter

balcony window box plantersWindow boxes are becoming popular as it allows residents to have a dedicated window garden without occupying any floor space. Window boxes are much more than simple wooden boxes attached to windows and picking the right wooden box for planters remains the key. Here are some of the points to keep in mind before you go out to buy a wooden box planter for your home.

Pick the Right Style: Window boxes are available in multiple shapes and sizes. Picking the right size of the window box is essential as it can easily merge with the overall design of your room. If you are having an ethnic look design in the room, having a simple wooden colored box would act more as an eye sore rather than enhancing the beauty quotient of the room. Make sure you blend the window box with the overall theme by using wooden boxes that are easier to paint or opt for plastic, terracotta based boxes or even concrete ones if it goes with the overall theme of your house.

Pay Attention to Size: A window box needs to be of the right size for it to make the window appear beautiful. As a thumb rule, make sure that the length of your wooden box is either full size of the window length or a couple of inches less. Having a wooden box with length exceeding the window usually looks bad and must be avoided in most access. Makes sure that the wooden box has sufficient depth to allow plants to grow without drying out the spoil. The preferred depth for wooden box should be at least 8 inches.

Opt for Sunny Exposure: Plants placed in a wooden box need good content of moisture in the soil for them to grow. Make sure to check for dryness of soil in a wooden box in case your wooden box is protected from the rain. In case your wooden box is located in an area where there is persistent shade make sure to time your water checks accordingly.

Choose the Right Plants for a Window box

Window box and Flower

Now that you have bought or installed your  window box, it is essential to know the right plants that would grow in a window box freely. It is a good idea to mix your window box with trailers and upright plants as it allows enough space for filler plants as well and plant bulbs to grow without blocking out the view from your window. You would ideally want a window box to offer a soothing experience for the eye without blocking the view from the window. Using more upright plants can surely block the view making it more of an eyesore than a green window. You can choose between both annuals and permanent plants depending on the area you live in and the type of whether witnessed over the year.


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