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How to save water in your daily life?

No Comments Sub Category:Go Green,Water Conservation Posted On: Jul 23, 2013

Simple and easy tips to save water in daily lifeIt’s an old adage “No water, no life”. We don’t give much thought about using water cautiously even though it is the basis of our daily life. With the increasing scarcity of water everywhere, it has become imperative to use water judiciously and conserve it as much as we can.

We can save gallons of water in our daily life just by making some small changes in our habits and paying more attention towards how we use of water. Here are a few simple and easy tips to save water around the home:

Saving water in kitchen:

How to save water in Kitchen?Lots of water is used in the kitchen while cooking and dish-washing. You can save water in the kitchen through the following means:
Install faucets with low-flow. Wash vegetables and fruits in a tub of water instead of washing under the faucet. This water can be reused for soaking dishes or watering plants.
Don’t use water to defrost vegetables. Use as little water as possible to boil food, and reuse the water left after boiling.
Use dishwasher only when it is full. If you are washing dishes by hand, don’t leave water running while scraping dishes and use less detergent to minimize the use of water.
If you want cool water, keep a bottle or pitcher in the refrigerator instead of running the tap every time.

Saving water in the bathroom:

Tips to save water in the bathroomThe bathroom is one of the places where the maximum amount of water is used in a home. Lots of water can be saved in the bathroom by following:
Don’t keep the faucet on while brushing and shaving. Fix leaky faucets. Install low-flow faucet in your sinks.
Install low-flow shower head. While waiting for water to warm up, put a bucket under the shower. Take shorter showers. While using buckets, don’t use more than a bucket.
Use low-flow toilets. Keep checking for leaks. Don’t use the toilet to dispose of waste and tissues.

Saving water in other areas of the house:

You can lower your water use in other areas of the house also and save water by following:

  • Producing energy requires large quantities of water; so by using less electricity also you can save water.
  • Use washing machine only when it is full. Don’t use the machine to dry your clothes.
  • Use leftover water for watering your plants. Water plants early in the morning or in the evening during the summer.
  • In manufacturing a bottle of water, a large amount of water is wasted; so buy bottled water as less as possible.
  • While buying appliances and fixtures, choose the one which consumes less water.

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