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How to use Patterns in your Home Decor?

No Comments Sub Category:Decor,Expert Speak,Interior Decor Posted On: Mar 31, 2015

curtainFuse life and magic into your interiors by adding a dash of patterns. Patterns always help in bringing some activity to your rooms. They have a kind of energy to them which makes the entire place a little more happening. We will be discussing a few trendy patterns and what is the best way to use them.

Springtime Bloom- Floral and nature inspired patterns: Florals as we all know are the most popular patterns of the spring season. However, one can go ahead and experiment a little more with plant based patterns. They bring an earthly feeling to your surroundings and are a nature lover’s dream. Floral and nature inspired patterns can be gracefully used as wallpapers, on cushions, even big floral prints on bed sheets look good. To make the room more exciting, a little bloom can be added on the curtains too. If you are not very keen on the pattern, then you can adopt pastel shades and earthly hues to create the same effect.

Wild Zone- Animal and tribal patterns: Animal patterns like zebra prints, small cheetah prints can give a wild and adventurous feel to your room. These patterns are mostly used for rugs or on pillow covers and bed sheets. For a contemporary look, painting or wall decorations with wild prints can be used. Tribal show pieces and paintings also help in achieving the look. These give a very raw look to the house. Go in for dark shades when experimenting with these patterns. One can also choose to go monochrome with animal patterns.

Geometric Fusion- Geometric patterns: Geometric are very popular and are extensively used on curtains, pillow covers, curtain rods, wallpapers, feature wall, bed sheets. You name it and they can appear there also. Even though they are very common, these patterns are an interesting way to pep up the place. More and more people today indulge in honeycomb wall extensions or honeycomb shaped lampshades. Table runners with geometric orientation, mats in varying shapes will all be a part of this geometric fusion. People who like uniformity go for such patterns as they are constant and in symmetry, thus creating a harmonious feel.

Artistic Glory- Abstract and art inspired patterns: If you are an art love, you can have painting inspired themes in your house. Painting inspired curtains, bed sheets and bed covers have an authentic appeal. Adding a few antiques pieces or hand crafted décor pieces will make the look even better. The trick here is to merge vintage and art for a pre historic look. A lot of handicraft items representing the Indian culture can easily be added to this setting. Artistic patterns also include the new popular trend of writings. The inscriptions can be in any language and look very insightful.

Continuity- Continuous trends in popular patterns: Continuity brings a classic look to your decor. Continuity patterns in Houndstooth, Chevron, Greek key or Ikat look very fascinating and unique. These patterns are popular and give a very modern look to your house while keeping it classy. These patterns can be used anywhere and in abundance. They don’t cause disturbance as they are continuous. They can be used to create a 3d effect to the entire room. A judicious use of these patterns can be made in warm or dark surroundings as well as pale room settings.

Things to keep in mind while incorporating patterns in your house

  • Don’t overdo: While adding some patterns to your home, make sure you don’t overdo things. Too many patterns can create a visual clash and may not be pleasing to the eyes. Keep a steady mix of plain and pattern for a more appealing look.
  • Size Matters: The size of the patterns matters. It also majorly depends on how the patterns are being used. Too many small patterns put together will create a confusing look. Using different patterns of varying sizes should be done carefully to maintain sync.
  • Symmetry: Symmetry is a must as choosing different patterns can be a risky affair. Make sure that you manage the symmetry of your room and choose prints wisely. If one side or corner of the room looks heavier with too much decoration done there, then you need to balance it out.
This article is contributed by Vaibhav Jain, CEO of Deco Window a domestic endeavor of Jayanita Exports Pvt Ltd. Deco Window offers wide-ranging window solutions.


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