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Ideas for a Home Office

Comments(5) Sub Category:Bedroom Designs,Decor,Interior Decor Posted On: Apr 12, 2012

Contemporary India has developed a rapid growth of home offices in almost every nook and corner. Having an office at a home has become one of the most sought and convenient trends for a flourishing business. A home office can be as tiny as a passage way or a large room. The size of the home office depends on the type of business carried out by the individuals and the space available. This is a convenient method to carry out your business from your home.

In order to set up a home office at your home, you should make sure that your family feels comfortable amidst your office rather than witnessing mounds of files and groups of clients at your doorstep. Also considering the family’s needs, equipments and purchases in your home office should be flexible. Setting up a home office is quite a challenging task, as it needs the apt environment and space for a fruitful productivity. While designing a home office there are certain criterias to be followed. You can also design and adapt to your office according to your specifications. Following are a few tips for your successful home office;

Choosing a right place for your home office: You have to wisely choose an appropriate place for setting up your home office. Rooms or halls with partition can be used for convenience. It is always better to set up your office away from your main living spaces. If you’re running short of space you can always divide the room with walls, or other dividing equipments. Curtains and folding doors can also be used to divide the office space. Also make sure that your home office is based in a place which is free from noise and other hindrances.


To make ample space: In such cases you can mount many shelves on the walls to store books or any other business related materials. Double beds and other large furniture can be replaced with smaller sized furniture like a sofa bed and so on. Foldable furniture is best for the usage of your home office.

Design it your way: One of the key aspects to increase the productivity in your business is to create your home office space according to your likes. You can start by painting the room with your desired colour which can pep up your mood. Design the room which you think is apt for your personality by adding wallpapers, or borders. Keep in mind to choose colours which do not distract you instead stimulate your brain for increased productivity. Also consider the climatic conditions while colouring the room and avoid preferring gaudy colours.

Proper ventilation: This is one of the important aspects to keep your office lively and fresh. Set up the computer table and seating area closer to a window with ample amount of air and natural lighting. Make sure that your working area is not gloomy and you have a table lamp at your desk whenever required.

Home office accessories: You can add charm to your office by adding innumerable varied accessories. Beautiful artworks and wall hangings can also depict your personality and make your office look beautiful. Other accessories like small plants, fountains, aquarium, lava lamp, chandelier and so on can also be added in your home office space. If you have any living creature like fishes or love birds at your home office, make sure they have enough space and ventilation. Other important accessories like a paper pad, paper weight, pen stand with pens, bulletin boards, calendars and others should be kept organized to avoid stumbling around.

Furniture selection: When setting up a home office you should keep in mind that clear and flexible space is essential to place your computer and other peripheral equipments. Apart from the machinery, various other office associated supplies also acquire a lot of space. In such cases choose the perfect furniture storage and plan on how to arrange them. Go in for the furniture only after you have planned on how to place them in the selected areas. Doing this will save your cost as well as will give you an idea of your office space. A comfortable office chair is as important as having an appropriate computer in order to have an increased productivity.

Create an activity space: In order to make your home office flexible, you need to establish a certain corner or space for all the business related activities. This includes the work space placed with computer and other machineries, activity space which can involve reading, writing or storing products and a guest space. Doing this will result in an organized home office.

A perfect place for placing the hardware and machinery: Considering the vastu principles you can place the hardware and peripherals in the appropriate place depending on your usage. Since you might need the computer and the printer frequently, you should place it within your reach. Rarely used equipments like the scanner, generator and other machineries can be placed outside the work area. One of the most important aspects of setting up the hardware is to have an easy access to trays, cords, drives and electrical connections. Make sure the wire connections do not entangle or come in way.

Lastly, keeping your home office organized will reflect your personality and increase your business. Also a start-up firm should keep in mind the required necessities to follow rather than spending lavishly in the office setup hoping to cover the costs down the years. It is always good to start with frugality and later reward yourselves with the desired amenities.

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5 Responses to “Ideas for a Home Office”

  1. Seema says:

    Very informative…….thanks for sharing

  2. Kiran Kumar says:

    I have a work from option and I always feel I should have my personal corner for working. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Madhav says:

    Well written article.. I liked the part where you have mentioned about Home office accessories

  4. Arup says:

    Nice post! Very informative indeed..

  5. Harsh says:

    I liked the part- A perfect place for placing the hardware and machinery.. It explains all.. Great write up..

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