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Is Vinyl Flooring Better Than Laminate Flooring?

No Comments Sub Category:Bathroom Designs,Decor,Interior Decor Posted On: Mar 11, 2015

Flooring with Tiles

When choosing a flooring for your home, you must ask yourself a few key questions that will help you to choose the right flooring for a particular room. Ask questions like how much traffic will the floor receive, the thickness and durability of the floor, the size of the room, the total cost of the flooring, your budget etc. Asking yourself these questions will help you to choose the right flooring for the room.

There are number of flooring options available in the modern interior market, but choosing the right flooring for your home depends on various factors like your budget, lifestyle, how much research you made before taking a decision etc.

Vinyl flooring vs laminate flooring

When you are looking for selection of styles and colors at an affordable price, Vinyl and laminate flooring are the two best options.

Vinyl floor tile is frequently chosen for high-traffic areas and ideal for damp areas like bathrooms and Kitchen. These flooring types are cheaper and requires low maintenance. But, when choosing the flooring you must check both the pros and cons of the flooring. The main cons of Vinyl flooring is that it is vulnerable to scratches, tears and stains.

Laminate flooring has an advantage over vinyl flooring in that it resists stains, scratches and dents. It also lasts for up to 25 years. But, the main cons of this flooring are that they are not recommended for wet or damp areas like bathrooms and kitchen provided you clean up the floor immediately.

Laminate flooring is recommended for the living room and other rooms because it is thicker than vinyl flooring and is comfortable to walk on. Laminate flooring has advantages over vinyl flooring in the looks and due to the fact that it is longer lasting.

Price of Flooring: Vinyl flooring vs laminate flooring

The flooring price varies depending on the type of flooring you choose like flooring sheet or tile, labour cost in your city or area and the size of the room. Usually flooring are charged based on the number of tiles used or the cost per square feet. The estimated price for vinyl flooring is Rs 25 per roll (6″ x 50″) and up to Rs 90 per tile (4″ x 8″). The estimated price for laminate floor goes up to Rs 250 per square feet.


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