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Modular Kitchen Tips for Your Home

Comments(10) Sub Category:Decor,Modular Kitchen Posted On: Apr 18, 2012

Reform your kitchen by getting rid of the old out-dated kitchen and remodel it with a chic modular kitchen. A modular kitchen not only gives your home a classy look but also makes your cooking fun and interesting. If you’re planning for a modular kitchen at your apartment in India you can approach an interior designer and go ahead with your plan. An interior designer can choose the apt modular kitchen which will best suit your personality.

A modular kitchen can have an array of elegant and stylish kitchen cabinets, shelves, chic basins, a dish washer and a wide variety of storage capacity areas. You can make your modular kitchen a customized one by getting it designed by an interior designer or refer home decor magazine, internet etc. for latest trend in modular kitchen design. Make sure you have detachable cabinets and closets.

For the countertops of your modular kitchen: You can use materials like granite, wood, black limestone and quartz. Having a granite countertop gives your kitchen a great modular look and it is durable, even though it comes at a higher expense. The wooden countertop gives a traditional look and the quartz is best for your modular kitchen as scratch resistant and heat resistant. Black limestone is the cheapest material which can be used for a modular kitchen countertop.

Flooring for your modular kitchen: Make sure you opt for flooring of your modular kitchen which is scratch, stain resistant and is easy to clean. Ceramic tile flooring is the best for your modular kitchen. Ceramic tiles are available in various colours and patterns and are also cheaper when compared to other flooring. Other options for your kitchen flooring can be of vinyl and laminate flooring.

Cabinets: The cabinets in your modular kitchen can be made out of materials which are heat, water and scratch resistant. One of the best types of material can be mild steel kitchen. Cabinets can also be wall mounted and installed under the counter to reduce space constraints. Apart from that, wooden cabinets are also apt but they need frequent polishing and maintenance. Other cabinet materials like glass, metal and PVC can also be preferred.

Tiles on the wall: The tiles in your modular kitchen walls should consist of stain resistant, durable and decorative tiles. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and maintain. The other contemporary forms of tiles are the stainless steel tiles which are inexpensive and stain resistant. Also to make your room look spacious you can use larger tiles.

Sinks :For the sinks in your modular kitchen, you can choose an area which is easily accessible within your reach. The perfect sinks for your modular kitchen are the stainless steel and the porcelain sinks. They are durable and easy to clean. Make sure that the distance between the sinks and the refrigerator should be more than 20 feet.

Lighting: The lighting should be recessed in order to make your kitchen look large. Various other light fixtures can be opted for inside as well as in the dining area. Decorative lights like chandeliers and colourful lights can also be added. Make sure you balance the natural and the artificial light in order to make your kitchen look more spacious.

Furniture : The furniture in your modular kitchen can consist of metal tables for a spacious look in your kitchen. Also smaller wooden or metal stools can be placed to rest while working in your kitchen.

Things to keep in mind while designing a modular kitchen

  • The interiors of your kitchen should be made according to your preference and desires rather than regretting later for messing it up.

  • The space of your kitchen does not matter if it is big or small unless you plan well and install things in an organized way.
  • To colour the walls of your modular kitchen, you can make use of the wall decals which are attractive and appealing. The wall decals are particularly needed near the chimney area as that area tends to be filled with smoke and vapor which make the wall gummy. If not the wall decal you can paint your kitchen walls with emulsion paint providing a mat finish to your walls. Shades like yellow and ivory will make your smaller kitchen look larger whereas bold colours like blue and red can make your kitchen look chic and attractive. Make sure that the colours in your kitchen match the colours on your floor.
  • Apart from cabinets and closets, you can mount a part of the kitchen wall with metal or wood racks to keep your bottle stuff organized.
  • To make it more organized. The baking utensils can be placed in a separate cabinet near the oven and the frequently used wares can be placed near the dishwasher along with a ware stand to place the smaller utensils.
  • Apart from all these you should make sure that you keep your kitchen clean and place everything in an orderly manner and add accessories like vegetable paintings, artwork or flowers on the table or the refrigerator.

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10 Responses to “Modular Kitchen Tips for Your Home”

  1. Tanmay Nandi says:

    Very useful tips! I am going to implement some of them in my new house..

  2. Mathew says:

    Classic info provided.. Very helpful for those who are looking to reform their kitchens..

  3. Puneet says:

    Nice post..

  4. Vasanth says:

    I liked the tip – distance between the sinks and the refrigerator should be more than 20 feet.

  5. Olivia Paul says:

    All the tips are well researched and segregated that will surely help someone who wants to reform their kitchen..

  6. Jennings says:

    Thanks for ur post!! I guess the information given here will be useful for me to remodel my kitchen.

  7. Alice says:

    I m impressed with ur post!I think it will be helpful for me to redesign my kitchen.

  8. Arpit Juneja says:

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  9. Patrick Garde says:

    Nice tips. We’ll implement some of them on our next projects here in the Philippines.

    Again, thank you!

  10. Kitchen Velachery says:

    The blog you have shared is really informative. And i could gather more details on each modular kitchen accessories and its uses. Thanks for sharing. I would like to share some information about countertops here. The kitchen countertops are gives great comfort to cook,easy to maintain and durable. There are many types of countertops such as laminate, wood, engineered stone,concrete,lavastone, glass and so on.

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