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Perks and downs of living in a studio apartment

Comments(2) Sub Category:Property Buying,Property Renting,Real Estate Posted On: Nov 01, 2012

If you are planning to rent a house, a studio apartment may be a good option for you. A studio apartment is effectively a small, one roomed apartment. It’s a multipurpose room that contains a kitchen, a bed (which is usually fold away) and a living room. You will then have an attached en suit bathroom.

These apartments are usually used by people living alone – students or working professionals, or sometimes by couples without children. So, if you are one of them, it may be the preferable to you than to go for a one bedroom apartment.

Advantages of studio apartment:

Compact: They provide you space to perform all your household tasks in one place.You have one place to yourself to stay, sleep, study and relax.

Price: They are considerably cheaper than most one bedroom apartments. A studio rental is to cost less than a one bedroom rental and undoubtedly the money you will be saving as rental can be used in other investment opportunities.

Common facilities: Studio units often come with some communal facilities in the apartment complex, which will be free to use. These can range from things such as laundry rooms too swimming pools and gyms.

Electricity: When living in a small condensed space, your electricity bill will be much lower than that of living in a one bedroom apartment. Hence, you can save on your electricity bill along with your rent.

Furnishing: In a studio apartment, there is no room for excess furniture. A few key pieces – a bed, desk, small seats and table will be more than enough. You will have less to furnish here. Sometimes you can even find furnished studio apartments if you prefer to forgo furnishing on your own all together.

Cleaning: Less square footage means fewer surfaces to clean. Not only that, small spaces require you to be organised. There is hardly any room for clutter in a studio. They are easy to keep clean, because there is so little to clean.

Location: They are usually located in central locations as they are meant for a target customer base. If you are a working professional or a student, less travel time is what you care for.

However, there are disadvantages of moving into a studio apartment as well -

*  They are too small for any more than two people. With space for only one bed, it is not suitable for family with children.

*  Top range studio apartments can be very pricey. Top quality furnished apartments can cost a lot of money to rent per week, especially if they come with a lot of great communal features.

*  Neighbourhood noise can be a problem as due to closeness of other apartments, your living can be affected by noises coming from adjacent rooms.

*  Having guests over can be a problem. If you have your guests over, you’ll have to manage within the cramped space.

*  Renting out the studio apartment means you never get a return on that money. Decide wisely taking into consideration your requirement and budget.



2 Responses to “Perks and downs of living in a studio apartment”

  1. Anuska says:

    I am planning to buy a studio apartment. Thanks for sharing the pros and cons of a studio apartment

  2. qorey says:

    How do i make my studio apartment look large? it is quite a dingy place

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