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Reticulated Gas System For Apartment Complex

Comments(28) Sub Category:Living,Save Energy Posted On: Jan 27, 2011

Reticulated gas system promises an uninterrupted supply and a host of other benefits for the households. The system essentially involves a piped network in an apartment complex that supplies cooking gas direct to the hotplates in individual households by drawing the fuel from a pool of cylinders. The supply gets metered just the way it is being done for water and electricity. Apart from providing continuous supply of the cooking gas at the turn of tap, use of reticulated system means saving on space, time and money.

It is most suitable for working couples, since they will not have the hassle of making arrangement for receipt of the cylinder in their absence. Reticulated gas system is not-it was introduced in the city almost four years ago. It provides continuous supply of gas at the turn of tap and eliminates cylinder refill booking.

Reticulated Gas System

Reticulated Gas System is one of the latest value-additions being offered by builders. Reticulated gas system essentially involves a piped network in an apartment complex that supplies cooking gas direct to the hotplates in individual flats through a centralized gas bank. Rather than individual pipe line, a single line from Centralized gas Bank shall be sufficient to supply gas improving the esthetic look of the building and saving area or space.

The Reticulated Gas System involves a piped network that supplies cooking gas to individual flats through a centralized gas bank. In centralized gas bank, the cylinders are connected to a manifold which consists of two arms- Active Bank & Standby Bank- the manifold arm connected to cylinders from which LPG is supplied is known as the “Active Bank” and the other arm connected to the cylinders is known as the “Standby Bank.”

When the LPG gets exhausted in the active bank, the supply of LPG from the active bank to the standby bank is either done manually or automatically. While the LPG supply from the standby bank continues, the gas company replaces the empty cylinders to ensure that the users receive uninterrupted supply of gas.

A gas meter is installed in a suitable position (inside or at the entry point of the kitchen) that records the usage of the LPG as it passes through it. Gas meters measure a defined volume, regardless of the pressurized quantity or quality of the gas flowing through the meter. The benefit of this system is its `use and pay’ feature just the way it is being done for water and electricity consumption.

Advantage of Reticulated gas system

The success of the piped supply or reticulated gas system largely depends on the role of the resident’s association and cooperation among the residents. It is the association’s responsibility to order for the refill cylinders of the bank and collect the amount from the residents.

  • No cylinder in the kitchen or inside the flat.
  • No entry to delivery boy inside the house.
  • No waiting list for new connection or refill.
  • Increased safety in kitchen as the pressure of LPG in pipeline is much lower than an LPG cylinder
  • Automatic Change Over to ensure continuous flow.
  • Not required to visit to gas agencies for booking or refill booking reminders
  • Not required to stay at home to receive gas
  • Uninterrupted gas supply and No holiday for Gas supply.
  • Saving of time and no need to block money for 2nd cylinder
  • Apart from its use as a cooking fuel conduit, the system could be used for operating geysers, LPG fire places and air convectors during winter
  • The supply gets metered, therefore payment as per actual consumption of gas.
  • Another benefit of this system is its `use and pay’ feature.


  • Fencing of areas to restrict unauthorized entry.
  • Avoid wiring for lighting inside the Gas Bank
  • Ensure that Gas Bank has Good Ventilation.
  • Install 3rd stage emergency valve inside the individual kitchen to cut off the supply in the kitchen.
  • Under Pressure Shut off Valves to ensure satisfactory burning characteristics.
  • Ensure to install Non-Return Valves (NRV) for cylinder to avoid back flow.
  • Ensure-Bottom Portion of the Room Ventilation with Brass Mesh Only
  • Don’t allow the mobile inside the gas bank
  • Restrict unauthorized entry of apartment owners, residents or outsiders inside the Gas Bank
  • Check inlet and outlet with Soap oil as and when Required
  • Ground level ventilation in the manifold room / enclosure must be maintained at all times.
  • Safety signage such as “No Smoking”, “High Flammable-LPG”, “Switch off Mobile” etc should be placed adjacent to cylinder bank.

28 Responses to “Reticulated Gas System For Apartment Complex”

  1. P V SASEENDRAN says:

    Excellent system. If this is introduced in our complex, I would be the one of the first to subscribe to this arrangement. In our complex, the promoter had originally promised to instal piped gas supply but later on withdrawn.

    Ours is a complex of 10 towers of 13 storeys with total 960 flats but I am not sure whether promoter and/or other occupants would be supporting this system.

  2. Abeb_58 says:

    I want my Pipe line & work to be inspected by third Party agency for Gas pipe line work done at tata

  3. Parag R. Hirve says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to ask some querry regarding reticulated gas pipe line system.
    I stay in Flat No. 102 Hemlock Building, Nyati Environ Society,Pune. The society is having around 300 flats. Please confirm whether gas geysers can be used on reticulated gas pipe line in residential area or not.
    If answer is “yes”, then confirm its authenticity by the Government in Pune area.
    An early reply is requested.

  4. P.Mathivanan says:

    We are Architects/Consultants based out of Chennai looking for reticulated gas vendors/consultants who could guide/help us to do the work for some of residential apartment projects coming up in Chennai.

    • Chandar says:

      We have installations in Bangalore and through our partner in Chennai. We would be happy to assist you for any projects. You can contact us at gaspiped@gmail.com.

    • K Venkata Kiran says:

      We are the authorised company for HP to install and maintain Reticulate Gas Systems with more that 5 years of the experience in this field. We would be happy to associate ourselves in working with you. Pls forward your email and telephone number for us to call u at the earliest. Regards. K Venkata Kiran

      • Shahabuddin says:

        we are going to construct building with 5 floors and 15 apartments can up lease quote for fitting gas pipeline

  5. Leavigne says:

    Great blog you have got here.. It’s hard to find high-quality writing like yours these days. I honestly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  6. Abdul Gafoor says:

    Dear ALL,

    I’m a Gulf Gas Specialist , well experenced in all gas systems like LPG, SNG, NG & Medical gases. For all your queries please contact on my mail ID. i too want to study how gas services works in INDIA

  7. s n kulkarni says:

    I have purchased flat in Kolhapur on the basis of fascility of pipelined gas, the builder also laid pipeline 2 years back.But now builder says the permission /NOC has been stopped. What is the reality?

  8. Bharadwaj says:

    I would like to know if it is alright to USE RETIGULATED GAS SUPPLY NETWORK above the kitchen slab, for LPG as the fuel. LPG is heavier than air (almost twice as much). In the event of a leak will tend to come down towards the slab (and the stove). This is a potentially dangerous situation.
    Can someone throw light on this?


  9. Bindu says:

    What is the price for this kind of connection? Will the cylinders be domestic or commercial? Will there be any additional charge besides the price of the gas?

    • RN Ghosh says:

      The cost per house for an end to end solution may vary from Rs 10,500/- to Rs 13,500/- for basic gas infrastructure depending upon the number of flats in a complex. Thereafter prices goes up by Rs 1500 if you need a pre-paid gas meter and more for other additional features. Kindly send an email to md@venusgas.com with details of your requirements and we will revert to you.

  10. Narasiman Kannan says:

    Please read my earlier article/comment “There was one incident that the standby bank was empty (not replaced when it became empty) when it switched over to standby bank due to empty main cylinder bank”.

  11. Ramdas Pai says:

    Need any agency to run and maintain the Reticulated Gas system which is already installed please.
    Jakkur< Bangalore


  12. RN Ghosh says:

    Planning for reticulated gas for large scale use as in apartment complexes needs a basic knowledge of LPG gas. Ever since a plethora of pseudo experts came into being after being employed as a contractor in one project, this problem has constantly been an issue as brought out by Narasiman Kannan who seems to have been at the receiving end of the bad examples.

    Just ask any of these pseudo experts some questions; such as why does cylinders sweat. Why do hotels and restaurants put their cylinders in hot water. What will happen if you keep a LPG cylinder on fire for 5 minutes. What will happen if you keep a LPG cylinder on fire for one hour. Also, ask them if the gas meters have to be re-calibrated and its periodicity. Very few people will be able to answer these.

  13. LEELA KRISHNA says:

    All the reticulted gas works, spares ,Restaurents& hotels burners ,all the spares for burners are available for a dealer price we are in reticulated system for past 18 years .For hotels, restaurents,houses,hostels, apartments,laboratories we do reticulated gas systems Any queries you can call to 09676604399 or mail your requirement to leelakrishnaorsu@gmail.com

  14. Sanjeeb Mishra says:

    Mr Narasiman ; can you contact me at sanjeeb.mishra@gmail.com; we are from the Association

  15. Sanjay Agarwal says:

    We require the same system for a project situated at Jaipur with 148 Residential Apartment floors. For which we are looking for right vendor.

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