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Storage Lockers For Modern Homes

Comments(3) Sub Category:Decor,Interior Decor Posted On: Dec 12, 2011

“A place for everything and everything in its place”

Ideally a perfect home is a place which has space to put everything where it would either look beautiful or be out of sight until you need it. However, now-a-days, with the space constrain issues; this no longer can be a reality.

So what do we do? Just live with it or get creative?

If you have less space and lots to accommodate you can get a little creative and make a home spacious home!

This article focuses on one such creative idea which is not so new a thought, yet it sure is innovative. Image: Mirror


If you have ever been to one of your ancestral houses, that too especially the ones that have been abandonment for a while? These houses always give you a feel of ambiguity and suspense. You instantly become “Indian Jones” with the hat and a whip to start exploring for hidden treasures. I know it sounds crazy but, well it’s true; I too set out on one such exploration and after much of adventure found an underground “Secret Locker”. Yes! I did it, I found a treasure! (My First Reaction), although later I found the locker empty, flushing my entire thrill down the drain. Image: Bespoke shoe cabinet & Image: Built in storage

However, this adventure definitely provoked a thought. An idea that sounded sensible, considering the space constrains that we have today.

“Coffers” or “Tijoris” are no new terms for us Indians. However, having a heavy, space consuming locker at home is definitely not a choice you would like to make. So after a little research, here I put forth for you the modern day concept of a “secret locker”.

Image: Suat Eman/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Modern Day concept of a secret Storage locker

It is surprising, yet true. This age old concept of “Secret Lockers” is fast catching up as the new trend for a lot of builders and developers. They are implementing this olden trend in modern housing developments. Secret lockers can be used in any hidden or unused space of the house. They can be installed anywhere like under the furniture, bed, closets, cupboards etc.

The modern day “Secret Lockers” are an improvised version of the concept. This feature has been modified and used in a different ways to save time and space of the residents. Given below are a few ways in which these lockers are used these days.Image: Kids-Bed-With-Hidden-Storage

Hidden Storage under the bed

There are loft-style beds that allow storage and furniture to go under the bed. This concept is popular in college hostels, and now is implemented in modern luxurious houses. These hidden lockers are fit in the under-bed storage bin of the bed. These lockers will keep your belongings at an unexpected and hidden place so that you have no such tension of losing your precious belongings. Image: storage bed

Hidden Storage lockers in walls


Behind walls, there are so many hidden spaces nestled between the two-by-four studs. These spaces can be used to fit hidden lockers and you can place a mirror or wardrobe custom made to give you access to these lockers through a hidden door inside them. You can keep your valuable jewels and money inside these lockers and no one will even know. Keeping different boxes inside your wardrobe, consumes much time and space rather than keeping all together in one hidden storage locker, this makes life simple yet comfortable. Image: hanging-column-storage-ideas


Hidden Storage lockers in furniture

Murphy beds, chairs, tables, cots, anything that folds up, hung on a hook or slid under a bed, saves a lot of space. Murphy beds are used these days to keep the floor space empty and make the room look spacious. Hidden storage lockers can be fit even inside these furniture’s. Lockers are available in the market designed inside tables, cots and Murphy beds etc. What other than this would be more creative and exciting? Image: space-saving bench

Hidden lockers in common places

There are hidden spaces under staircases, among unusual curves or angled walls, and inside walls that hold fireplaces etc., those places could be used for keeping items which are rarely used. All traditional kind of lockers with rich designs and antique embroideries can be used in such places which not only enhance the beauty of your house but also give them a royal look. Image: Stairway

Hidden lockers over the attic

Attics can prove to be very useful places to have these hidden storage lockers. You can keep your valuable jewels, rarely used family belongings, property papers and other belongings in these lockers, keeping them safe and away from sight. Image: Folding Shelf

Although all these concepts sound interesting and innovative, one needs to understand that these hidden lockers have to be installed with utmost caution and be a very private affair. After all, the belongings are yours and you are responsible for their safety!

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3 Responses to “Storage Lockers For Modern Homes”

  1. Poorna says:

    Trust me I had no idea about all these secret lockers. Wonderfully put up thoughts!

  2. Sabrina Cheon says:

    You made some clear points there. I did a search on the issue and found most individuals will agree with your blog.

  3. Mubarak Hartwell says:

    Good one!

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