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The difference between an apartment and a builder floor apartment

Comments(11) Sub Category:Legal,Property,Real Estate,Real Estate Trend Posted On: Jun 13, 2012

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A builder floor apartment is similar to a residential apartment

The real estate which has evolved to an inordinate extent has designed an array of residing spaces ranging from flats to apartments, builders floors, multi-storeys and so on. Each form of construction is different in its structure and concepts. Today there are many states which have come up with the concept of the builder floor apartment and multi-storey apartments. Most citizens residing in apartments in India are unaware about all these concepts. This article will tell explain the different between an apartment and a builder floor apartment.

An Apartment:

An apartment is an American term which is used to refer to a self-contained housing unit which is a type of residential real estate occupying only part of a building. An apartment can be owned by an owner or an occupier on lease or rent. An apartment can have any number of bedrooms and can be furnished or unfurnished. Most apartments in India have a penthouse and other services like the laundry, parking, air conditioner, Television cable and so on. Apartment is further divided into many other parts of housing.

A builder floor apartment:

A builder floor apartment is a building wherein the builder buys a piece of land and constructs flats in the form of a building and sells them to home buyers. Basically, there is no difference between a builder floor apartment and residential apartment. (A residential apartment is a housing unit which includes a kitchen, bathroom, bed room and living room. It occupies only a part of a building. They may be owned by an owner-occupier or can be rented by tenants.


Difference between an apartment and a builder floor:

  • An apartment is a self-contained housing unit on a floor and contains 3-4 families in each floor of a high rise apartment building. These days most of the apartments are offered with complete furnishings for a comfortable living.
  • A builder floor is an independent floor which can be purchased at a cheaper rate wherein people can enjoy the luxuries of an independent home. Each floor of a builder floor apartment will have only one apartment built and it can contain 2-4 BHK space as per a floor plan.
  • People staying in an apartment can enjoy a better social life and can also avail an array of facilities through the resident welfare association housing societies.
  • A builder floor apartment is an ideal luxurious living option for people preferring a liberated and peaceful environment. A builder floor is also available with a ready-to-move in option.

Few characteristics of an apartment and a builders floor apartment:


  • They are spacious in living and the bedroom areas.
  • They have elegantly designed bay windows with planters
  • They are open from three sides.
  • They have servant quarter facility.
  • They are well ventilated and aptly lit.
  • They have spacious balconies with all rooms having railings
  • They have designer wardrobes and doors in all rooms
  • They have premium quality concealed electrical / plumbing fittings.

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    Well written article. You have explained things so well.

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    A very nice way to make understand the difference between an apartment and a builder floor apartment , even a layman can understand it

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    Thanks for sharing this important piece of information.

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    With the rise in real estate business in Kolkata it is advisable to choose a trusted dealer so that you do not get into trouble by getting duped into buying property on false notification.

  11. hari says:

    In case of the building being demolished how is the ownership recognized in builder floor apt

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