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About Manesar


Manesar is an industrial town in Gurgaon District, located in the National Capital Region (NCR). Over the course of time, it has transformed itself into a rapidly growing township with a soaring economy. With the NH-8 stationed around Manesar, the township is well connected to four of the 12 metropolitan cities- Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai. It is located around 50 km from Delhi and around 17 km from Gurgaon.


It has transformed in the last few years, from a small town to a burgeoning economic powerhouse. A number of major manufacturing and IT companies have set up units here. The city’s infrastructure is well developed, but has experienced some hiccups that are hoped to be resolved before long.


Statistics And Facts:


Manesar had a population of 23,448 according to the 2011 census, growing at a rate of 4.29% per year, in comparison to the 2001 population of 15,400. The 2011 census also put Manesar at a literacy rate of 83.6%, which is higher than the national average of 74.04%.


Manesar is often called New Gurgaon because of its rapid growth and close proximity to the city. It houses a number of important places such as the headquarters of the National Security Guards, National Bomb Data Center, National Brain Research Center and the training centre for the National Security Guards. The Heritage Transport Museum is located near Manesar. It holds exhibitions and houses a library, a mini auditorium and a restaurant within an area of 90,000 square feet.


Manesar is popularised with farm tourism. It is promoted by the Agricultural Department of Haryana, with an aim to increase awareness of agriculture and its practices.




Manesar’s economy is a mix of secondary and tertiary sectors (manufacturing and services). A number of major companies operate out of this region. Honda Motorcycle & Scooters India, SamsungTelecommunications, Maruti Suzuki, BaxterIndia and HCL are some.


The Integrated Manesar Township, when complete, will create an industrial hub, which will contain all the services needed to put Manesar on the map as a major hub. It will feature hi-tech telecommunication, a 220 KV Substation, independent water supply, helipad, shopping centres, health centres, and schools.




One can reach Manesar by air via Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, estimated to be 30 km away. Garhi Harsaru Junction Railway Station in Gurgaon is around 14 km away by road, which connects it to most cities in India conveniently. NH-8, stationed around Manesar, makes it easily accessible to buses which ply the area, keeping it well connected to important cities.


Sohna Road, Golf Course Road, and Golf Course Extension Road comfortably connect Manesar to Gurgaon. Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) Expressway, which is under construction, is planned to be taken over by the central government to ensure its completion. When fully constructed, this expressway will help alleviate traffic woes in the surrounding areas to a large extent. Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor is a mega-project that seeks to vitalise the economy and industries of the six states that it will cut through. Manesar is one of the regions that will be affected by this corridor.


The Haryana government is planning on setting up its own metro line, which will connect to the already existing NCR metro lines.




Manesar is a tehsil that falls under the jurisdiction of the Gurgaon district administration. The planning agency responsible for development in Manesar is Haryana Urban Development Authority.




Over 800 MNCs are currently running in Manesar with the essential infrastructure for operation in place. Schools, restaurants, hospitals and other essential amenities are accessible along NH-8.


Manesar is currently home to schools such as Delhi Public School, Kendriya Vidyalaya and Amity Indian Military College. Hospitals such as Yashlok Hospital, Lifecare Hospital and Shri Ram Hospital are located here. There are also a number of hotels including Ginger Hotel, Heritage Village Resort, and Spa and Savory Suites.


Integrated Manesar Township (IMT) is a proposed development project spread across 1,750 acres in Manesar. It is slated to become a part of Gurgaon, as an extension of Millenium City under Gurgaon-Manesar Urban Complex Masterplan 2031. This ambitious plan seeks to accommodate a total population of 42.5 lakh (with a population density of 240 people per hectare) and urbanise a total area of 32,988 hectares by 2031.


IMT is proposed to have its own 220 KV power station, accompanied by four substations of 66 KV each. It is expected to have independent water supply and feature, broad, all-weather, metal roads.


Infrastructure Projects:


Name of project

Impacted areas

Expected completion date


Integrated Manesar Township


Under Development

The integrated township will be an industrial hub with all the amenities necessary for it to flourish.

Metro Extension

Delhi, Manesar and all intervening areas

Under Development

The extension will be 30 km long and will be part of the Mass Rapid Transport System which will connect Gurgaon, Manesar, Bawal, Rewari and Neemrana.

Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project (DMIC)

Delhi, Western Uttar Pradesh, Southern Haryana, Eastern Rajasthan, Eastern Gujarat, and Western Maharashtra


A planned expressway connecting Delhi and Mumbai. It will touch Manesar along the way.

Gurgaon-Manesar Master Plan

Gurgaon, Manesar and surrounding areas.


An ambitious mega project. This will urbanise an area of 32,988 hectares.


Real Estate in Manesar:


Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor and Dwarka Expressway, on completion, will be some of the foremost commercial hubs in India.


Apartments are the dominant property type in Manesar. However, the demand for both residential units and plots is also high, and the property prices in the city enable fruitful investments.


Key Localities In Manesar



Price per sq. ft in Q3-2013 (In Rs)

Monthly rent for 2BHK apartment (approx.)

(Figures in 1,000 rupees)

Sector M-1 A




Manesar IMT




Sector M-7




Sector 92





Charges by government:


·    Property Registration


Stamp duty: 7 per cent of transaction value (male citizen) and 5 per cent (female citizen). 6 per cent In case of joint ownership


·  Electricity: Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam


Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam is the organization that provides electricity to Manesar.


Electricity Charges:


Category of Consumers

Energy Charges (paisa/kWh or paisa/kWAh)

MMC (Rs per kW per month of the connected load)

Domestic Supply

Category I: (Total consumption up to 800 units per month)



0 - 40 units per month


Rs. 100 up to 2 kW and Rs. Rs. 60

above 2 kW

41-250 units per month



251-500 units per month


Rs. 100 up to 2 kW and Rs. 60 above 2 kW

501-800 units per month



Category II: (Total consumption of 801 units/month) and above



801 and above units per

month (For total consumption of 801 units and above/month, there shall be single tariff & no slab benefit shall be admissible)


Any consumer who installs kVAh meter at his own cost, may opt for kVAh tariff of 538/kVAh i.e. applicable tariff in kWh multiplied by 0.90 (standard power factor)

Rs. 100 up to 2 kW and Rs. 60 above




Online Payment of Electricity Bills


DHBVN bills can now be paid online using credit cards, debit cards or internet banking. This takes a mildly inconvenient process and streamlines it using the Internet.


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