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About Mangalore

The chief port city of Karnataka, Mangalore is an important city of the south. It’s the administrative headquarters of the Dakshin Kannada district of Karnataka. Its proximity to Bangalore also makes it an attractive destination. It’s for this reason that many major industrial players are now setting shop in this important city.

Mangalore’s envious location, placed between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, invites plenty of tourists throughout the year. So besides being a rising hot spot for industries, the city is also a tourist magnet, thanks to the lush greenery, calm surroundings, and the pristine beaches located here. Naturally, there’s a consistent demand for temporary stays in addition to commercial property.

Mangalore is set to see a rapid increase in the fulfillment of infrastructure development projects in the city. Already, an increasing number of domestic and multi-national corporations are being established here. Some of the prominent players that have already established offices in the city are MphasiS, Infosys Technologies, Ultratech Cement, and Syndicate Bank, Karnataka Bank, and others. The rise in demand for commercial property in Mangalore is natural.

Stats And Facts

  • The population of Mangalore stands at 4,84,785, according the provisional reports of the Census 2011. The urban/metropolitan population is 6,19,664
  • The sex ratio in Mangalore is tilted in favor of females, at 1014 per 1000 males. The child sex ratio, on the other hand, is 930 per 1000 boys
  • Mangalore’s average literacy rate as per Census 2011 is 94.03%
  • Several different languages are spoken in Mangalore, including Kannada, Konkani, Tulu, and Beary basse (Beary language)
  • The characteristic geographic features of Mangalore are freshwater streams, coconut palms, and rolling hills
  • In a survey conducted by the Urban Development Ministry, Mangalore stood 8th in the list of the cleanest cities in India

Primary Sector And Port-Related Activities

  • 75% of India’s coffee exports and a bulk of its cashew nuts are imported through the Mangalore port
  • The tropical timber used to make furniture, is imported from South-east Asia. The imports are received at this port city
  • The Mangalore roof tiles, made of red clay and baked, are popularly used as roofs through India
  • Besides tiles and cashew nuts, the coffee and beedi rolling cottage industries are strong in Mangalore
  • The fishing and boat building industry is huge in this city. Mangalore was initially developed as a fishing town
  • Some of the prominent industries in Mangalore are Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd., Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Ltd., and Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd
  • Eight SEZs have been approved for establishment in and around Mangalore by the Government of India


  • Mangalore can be reached by all forms of popular transport. There are several domestic flights to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kochi and flights to international destinations like Dubai, Kuwait, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, and Bahrain. The Mangalore International Airport is situated 20 km away from the city center, at Bajpe
  • The city is well-connected by rail. There are 2 major railway stations in the city, Mangalore Central and Mangalore Junction, and two others, Surathkal and Udupi, lie near the city. Mangalore is connected to Mumbai by Konkan Railway and to major southern cities like Trivandrum and Chennai via Southern Railway
  • Mangalore is connected by a vast network of highways. A total of 4 highways pass through the city, namely NH 66, NH 48, NH 13, and NH 234
  • A number of private operators offer bus service for traveling within and beyond the city limits. Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) and the Dakshina Kannada Bus Operators Association (DKBOA) are the key players

Mangalore Civic Administration

  • The civic and infrastructural assets of the city are managed by the Mangalore City Corporation (MCC)
  • There are 60 wards in the city, each ward being represented by a directly elected representative called the corporator
  • Elections to the MCC council are held once every 5 years. A corporator from the majority party is selected as a Mayor
  • The city contributes one Member of Parliament (MP), as Mangalore taluk is now under Mangalore Lok Sabha constituency
  • The Dakshina Kannada Police is responsible for maintaining law and order in the city. The headquarters of the Western Range Police is also located here

Mangalore Infrastructure

The state government of Karnataka has invested the largest sum of money in developing infrastructure in Mangalore in comparison with other cities. Private-sector participation in developing infrastructure has also been encouraged by the state authorities.

The basic infrastructure of the city, like the air, rail, health, and social services, is strongly established. The education infrastructure in and around the city is particularly impressive, with its large network of business, medical, dental, engineering, hotel management, and physiotherapy colleges and universities. For this reason, Mangalore is also called the Cradle of Education in Karnataka.

Currently, ample emphasis has been laid on the power sector in the city. The development of this sector in the past few years has been very impressive.

Infrastructure Projects

Name of the Project

Impact Areas

Expected Completion Date


The Single Point Mooring facility of Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals

Tannir Bavi coast


The crude oil is transported from the Single Point Mooring facility through a pipeline to a point on the coast, from which it’s passed on to Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals

Conversion of the Hiriyadka Bajpe Airport Road into a 2-lane highway

From Hiriyadka in Udupi district to Bajpe Airport in Dakshin Kannada district

Under Development

The project is estimated to cost Rs. 500 crore.

Setting Up of three lakh ton per annum coke oven plant and 25 MW power plant by the joint venture of SAIL and KIOCL



The coke oven plant will convert coking coal into coke for use in the steel mills.

Affordable residential project

Derebail, near Konchady

Under Development

Provident Housing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Puravankara Projects, will undertake this project, which will comprise 324 units.

Mangalore Real Estate Market

  • The Mangalore real estate market scenario has been looking upwards, primarily because software companies have been showing great interest in setting up offices in the city
  • With companies like Wipro and ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) deciding to set up offices in Mangalore, the real estate prices has been soaring in the recent years
  • The real estate market prices in Mangalore are estimated to be half of that observed in Chennai and Bengaluru
  • The Mangalore real estate market has always been investor-driven

Key Localities In Mangalore


Per Sq. Ft. Price – Q3 2013

Rent Per Month For A 2 BHK Apartment in Mangalore (approx.)

(Figures in 1000 rupees)





















Charges By Government Bodies

Property Registration

    • Stamp Duty: 5%
    • Registration Fee: 1% of the market value with a cap of Rs. 30,000

Mangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (MESCOM)

MESCOM is the supplier of electricity in Mangalore, and to other districts such as Shimoga and Udupi. The headquarters of MESCOM is, however, located in Mangalore. The Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL) generates the power and MESCOM distributes it to Mangalore.

Mangalore City Corporation Water Supply

The Mangalore City Corporation is responsible for supplying water in all the 60 wards that make up Mangalore.

Water Tariff



I Slab

II Slab

III Slab

IV Slab

V Slab

VI Slab

Domestic General


(65 Rs)


(2.5 Rs)


(3 Rs)


(5 Rs)


(7 Rs)


(10 Rs)

Aboove 1Lac

(12 Rs)

Domestic SC/ST

20 Rs

(Per Tap)


Domestic Jala Bhagya


(50 Rs)


(2.5 Rs)


(3 Rs)


(5 Rs)


(7 Rs)


(10 Rs)

Aboove 1Lac

(12 Rs)

Domestic Concession



(0 Rs)


(0.4 Rs)


(0.6 Rs)

Aboove 60000

(1 Rs)



300 Rs


(15 Rs)

Aboove 10000

(20 Rs)



600 Rs


(20 Rs)

Aboove 30000

(30 Rs)



600 Rs


(20 Rs)

Aboove 30000

(30 Rs)



1000 Rs

For Every 10000

(30 Rs)


(The table is sourced from the Mangalore City Corporation Water Supply website.)


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