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About Noida-Greater Noida Expressway

Connecting Delhi with the two suburbs of Noida and Greater Noida is the large and effectual Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, a six-lane highway running the length of 24.53 km, built to relieve the load off the congested National Highway 2.


Since its inauguration in 2002, several residential complexes have sprung up on both sides of the expressway, offering a complete and satisfying living experience. Several industrial houses and foreign establishments have made their presence felt along the expressway, thus creating a demand in the area for top-notch hotels, restaurants, shopping arcades, and departmental stores.


This expressway also boasts of a multitude of educational institutions including, but not limited to, the Lotus International School, Delhi Public School, and Galgotias University, as well as highly equipped hospitals like Kailash Hospital and ITS Dental Hospital. A sprawling 18-hole golf course, steeped in British antiquity, is positioned along the expressway.


Cited as the ‘Job Hub’ of Uttar Pradesh, the expressway houses the International Business Park containing many MNCs such as Wipro Technologies, Hewitt Associates, Fujitsu and IBM. Apart from global giants, this area is also peppered with small-scale industries trying to find their footing.


Connectivity and transit points


This area’s great connectivity acts as a catalyst to its growth. Large bus stands are positioned at every sector, providing hassle-free travel to bus commuters. The closest bus stand to the expressway is Amity Bus Stand.


Those who prefer trains needn’t worry, this locality is close to the Botanical Garden Metro Station and the Bodaki Railway Station.


The expressway itself boasts of excellent roads, allowing for easy access to South Delhi and Greater Noida. It gives way to the Yamuna Expressway, which connects Greater Noida to Agra.


Major landmarks


●     Mayawati Park

●     Film City

●     “World of Wonders” Amusement Park

●     Botanical Garden


Factors for growth in the past


The expressway was built with the cost of Rs 400 crore in an effort to alleviate the heavily choked National Highway 2 that connected Delhi and Noida to Agra, effectively cutting short the time taken to travel these great distances.


Its excellent connectivity, and its provision of comprehensive facilities for residential, commercial, and institutional activities along with ample social and industrial infrastructure draw hordes of potential home-seekers every year.


Residential & Commercial Market


Scattered along the by-lanes of the expressway are a myriad of independent houses, massive bungalows, and towering apartments, catering to a wide variety of income groups.


The current sales trends for houses catering to upper-middle income groups fall within the bracket of Rs 2,700-4,600 per sq. ft., with residential plots in the more lavish areas costing anywhere between Rs 15,500-25,150 per sq. yd. Sales trends for multi-storey apartments in Noida Expressway range between Rs 3,150-3,800 per sq. ft.


Commercial office spaces are highly sought-after in this area, with sales prices starting from Rs 5 lakh going up to approximately Rs 80 lakh with property value of Rs 5,800-7,300 per sq. ft. Rental and lease prices range from Rs 55-80 per sq. ft.


Due to a huge inventory, resale marketing is gaining popularity too, in the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway.


Major challenges


The only problem this expressway seems to pose is the incidence of accidents caused due to speeding vehicles and motorists, leading to injuries and on a more macabre note, death. Pedestrians should be cautious while walking along and across the lanes of the highway.


Factors for growth in the future


The Noida-Greater Noida Expressway has been touted by experts as the budding new residential and commercial hotspot. Private builders have taken it upon themselves to develop a new International Airport within this area, giving a further boost to prevailing property rates.


With a slew of residential projects in the various sectors slated to begin in the near future, along with talks of setting up a cycling track encompassing the area around the Expressway, this locality is undoubtedly undergoing a colossal development and an incalculable facelift.


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