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Republic Day Speech ideas

Comments(2) Sub Category:Community Living,Festivals Posted On: Jan 07, 2013

republic dayJanuary 26 marks a special day in Indian calendar. On the very day in 1950, the Constitution of India came into existence. India celebrates Republic Day every year on January 26th to honour the sovereignty of the world’s biggest democracy. It is one of the prominent National holidays in the country and apart from schools and other educational institutions; Republic Day is being celebrated in corporate offices and apartments, too. Residents Welfare Associations and various apartment communities organise the event in patriotic spirits.

Republic Day speech

Republic Day Speech is the most important part of Republic Day celebration. Every year the country’s president addresses the nation on Republic Day. Speeches are being delivered in your children’s’ schools and your children may have to give a speech at school and you may have to guide them how to or you may also have to address kids at Republic Day celebrations at your apartment, too. Here are few prominent things to keep in mind while delivering the speech.

1. Talk about the glorious history of India’s freedom struggle. India gained independence through years of non violent movement led by Mahatma Gandhi to win freedom from British rule. Refresh your knowledge of Indian history and talk about the successive series of events from the Revolution of 1857 through declaration of independence in 1930 to independence in 1947. Sum it up with the Constitution gaining status as the supreme law of the land in January 26, 1950.republic day celebrations

2. Set the duration of the speech. Always make sure that the speech has a beginning, middle and an end. While you can talk about the origin and importance of Republic Day in the beginning, the middle part can consist of Republic Day parades in the capital and the President’s speech. You can also give an outline of the country’s present status giving some data like the total population, states and Union Territories and languages spoken.

You can also talk about the history of India in the ancient and medieval ages, etc. The children’s tender minds can be shaped and influenced easily and by letting them know about the sacrifices made by their forefathers can ignite patriotic feelings in them.

You can sum up the speech talking about the duties and responsibilities expected of every Indian so that everyone can contribute towards building a powerful and glorious nation. End the speech on a positive note about the promises India hold in the next years – What are your expectations and what you hope India will be like in coming years. Always remember to thank the gathering at the end of your speech.

3. Always practice the speech before delivering it to kids or public. Write it down on a piece of paper and say it out loud. Do remember to pronounce words clearly. You can make the speech interesting by incorporating images and quotes of freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Azad, Bhagat Singh, Netaji, etc.

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2 Responses to “Republic Day Speech ideas”

  1. Quentin Porreca says:

    Many appreciations for this amazing article.

  2. Parth says:

    We are celebrating republic day in our apartment. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

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