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Khata Transfer Bangalore, Khata Registration and How tos

Comments(1,045) Sub Category:Khata Transfer,Legal,Owners Association,Property Posted On: Feb 27, 2009

checklistIt is very cumbersome to handle the various different certificates and documents required to proceed if you are either buying or selling property. We attempt to demystify the most prominent of these, Khata.

What is a Khata?

It literally means an account that a person who has a property in Bangalore has. It is an account of the assessment of property owners within BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) jurisdiction. Khata is important when you apply for any license of building or for trade, for applying for a loan from any bank or financial institution.It consists of all the details of the property like the name of the owner, size of the building, location of the property and all other details that helps to file property tax.

There are two components in a Khata:

a) Khata Certificate
b) Khata Extract.

a) Khata Certificate

A BBMP Khata certificate is required for two major purposes:
1. For registration of a new property,
2. For transfer of any property.

For applying for a khata certificate, the owner of the property has to give a letter of requisition along with details and receipts of tax paid (latest) to Assistant officer for the sub-division or range. fee for a khata certificate is Rs 25/- per property.Khata Certificate is obtained for any new registration after paying the tax. The certificate is issued saying that a particular property No ‘XYZ’ stands in the name of person A. This certificate is required to apply for water connection, electricity connection, trade license and building license. The Khata certificate is given only to the owner of the property or to his family members. No one else can take it on his behalf. It takes maximum of one week to get the certificate. One can also get it instantly in some citizen service centers (details: http://www.bmponline.org/citizen-svc-centersl.shtml)

(When a transaction takes place both the seller and the buyer have to inform the BBMP within three months of the transaction. In case of death of either party, within one year.)

b) Khata Extract

Khata Extract is getting details from the assessment register. The extract is required to get trade license, or to buy a particular property. It has the details of the property like the name, size of the property, use of the property (commercial purpose, residential), annual value, when assessed last.For getting a khata extract, owner of property has to give letter of requisition with property location and details. The fee is Rs.100/- per extract for a period of 5 years of the property.

Eligible for obtaining Khata

All property owners/holders who hold property within the BBMP jurisdiction are eligible to obtain a Khata. Obtaining a khata does not confer ownership of the property but confers liability  to pay property tax. Property tax can be paid by property owners/holders who may or may not have a Khata; but it is important while applying for any license of building or trade, or for applying for a loan from any bank.

Document required for Khata registration

For applying for Khata registration, you need to enclose following documents along with the registration form.

1. Documents required for property of land type- Revenue Pockets / BDA Reconveyed areas / Gramathana :

i. Title deed (Reconveyed documents from BDA in case of BDA Reconveyed areas)
ii. Tax paid receipts and Khatha details
iii. Sketch of your property showing its boundaries and location of site
iv. Improvement Charges
v. National Saving Certificates for Rs.200/-
vi. Encumbrance certificate for vacant sites
vii. Flow chart of title

2. Documents required for property of land type- BDA / KHB Layout

i. Title deed or Possession certificate
ii. National Saving Certificates for Rs.200/-
iii. Encumbrance certificate for vacant sites
iv. Flow chart of title.

What is Khata Transfer?

Khata transfer is required when the ownership of property is transferred from one person to another for any reason like sale of property, gift, will or in case of death of property owner and so on. The application for Khata transfer is same as that for registration and the documents needed along with application are the following:

1. Title deed
2. Tax paid receipts and Khata details
3. Paid up improvement charges receipt
4. National Saving Certificates for Rs.200/-
5. Death certificate of owner
(applicable incase of the death of the property owner)

6. Affidavit declaring that the applicant is legal heirs of the deceased khatedar.

What is Bifurcation of Khata?

Bifurcation of Khata is modifying two or more Khata into one or dividing one Khata into two or more Khata. Application form for bifurcation of Khata is same that applied for registration

Procedure for Registering, transferring and modifying Khata

  1. Obtain Notarized copy of your sale deed: There are number of notaries in Bangalore where you can get your work done at reasonable fees and the entire sales deed is notarized for charge of Rs 80-100. Agents charge a commission for every page due to which the charge for get your work done rises to Rs 200 and above.
  2. Encumbrance certificate (EC): To get an EC for your property you have to carry a copy of the sale deed. Normally an EC is provided within 7 working days.
  3. Application for Khata: You need to obtain a Khata registration form for applying for a Khata. The application is the same as that needed for applying for property registration, transfer and modification of Khata. It is available either online or at any BBMP office. The application form costs Rs 10.
  4. Enclosure of documents: While applying for Khata, enclose the essential documents and fill up the necessary information in the application form. Submit the filled registration form at BBMP office and get sealed acknowledgement for the same. Acknowledgement is one of the sheets in the application.
  5. Check the status of your application: Visit the BBMP office once in 15 days to check the status of your application. Remember that any documents demanded by the BBMP office besides those listed above, and validated by RTI, is illegal to ask for and just a means to harass and tire you unnecessarily.
  6. Seek Information: After 2 months if there is still no activity then file the RTI to seek information on status of khata registration.
  7. Assessment of Property by Officials: The BBMP Revenue Incharge and Assistant Revenue Officer personally visits the property to assess the property. Please note that if the property is assessed as commercial, read as ‘Rented Out’, the property tax is twice the normal property tax.
  8. Khata Registration fee: After the property is assessed BBMP formally communicates this mentioning the property dimensions (in sq feet), its value as per BBMP assessment and the tax liability thereon.You will also be provided with a notice mentioning the same and informing you to pay the Khata Registration fee (2% of the property value) as Khata Registration fee (this is 2% of the value mentioned in the Sale deed). Once you pay the Khata Registration fee in about 1-2 weeks, you will receive the notice for paying the pending property tax. Without this, the Khata Extract will not be issued in your name. But if you have reached this point, it means Khata has been technically registered in your name.

Fee for Khata related processes

Application for Katha registration, Katha transfer can be applied in the form “Application for Registration/ Modification of Khata”. You can also download the form from BBMP website and link is as follows-
http://www.bmponline.org/forms-pubs/PUBs/KhataRegistrationForm.pdfFee for Khata Registration is 2% administration fee on stamp paper value. Rs.100/- per sq.yard (in new areas) or Rs. 50/- per sq.yard (in old areas) towards improvement expense.Fee for Khata transfer or modification such as bifurcation or amalgamation is 2% administration fee on stamp paper value.

Khata certificate is often misunderstood with title deed. Title deed is the deed agreed between a buyer and seller during the transfer of property and Khata is account of assessment of property. Khata does not confirm ownership of property but assessment of property for the payment of tax.The property owner can pay his property tax in two installments but improvement expense must be paid as a  lumpsum.

You can apply for Registration, transfer or modification of khata in Assistant revenue officer for the sub-division or range between 10 am to 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm on all working days. BBMP offers Sarala Khata Scheme Book which is available in major citizens’ service center on payment of Rs.20/-. This book contains guidelines and details for filing application for khata. You can also get more information from BBMP website on services offered by the Revenue department. The link for BBMP website is: http://www.bmponline.org/ .



1,045 Responses to “Khata Transfer Bangalore, Khata Registration and How tos”

  1. Babu says:

    Sir i want more detail about my grandpa property pls help me on this we are staying in our grandpa home we dont have any document on this property but my grandma and my mom &and 6 cousines were stay in house by near thats also ours. some relative put case on our site and they told having khata with us so he claim left from that site pls help me on this but we have ration card voter ID card nd some or in rent so many years & current meter with our name is it do anything on this

  2. Madhu says:

    Hi, Is it necessary to be present in person for a house registration in Bangalore? I stay in the UK and want to buy a house in Sarakki Layout. My parents are in blore and they can take care of the whole process of buying. But, should I be present in Bangalore during registration, as the house is being brought in my name?

  3. Sharad Sutar says:

    I am going to purchase flat in Sriven Luminous Amaltas in Doddhathogur. They are giving Khata E. And as per builder there is no concept of Khata A & B in doddhathogur village because its not under BBMP. Can anybody consult me for the same?

    • Rakesh H says:

      @Sharad Sutar: E-Khata is a mere computerization of Khata. If the doddhathogur village is not under BBMP, then your E-Khata will be “B-Khata”. But, Khata literally means an account as an evidence that property tax has been paid on the said property. Only issue is that some banks won’t give loan for B-Khata property or property which is not under BBMP. So, if you are buying a property then ensure the property has clear title and the flat has NOC for occupying the same. Consult with your legal expert to check the documents related to the flat. Thanks

  4. Nagendra says:


    Presently BBMP not issuing the Khata to any land which is newly included to the Cuty zone (CMC) and BBMP is the concerned authority to issue the Khata to the said, wait for two months hope BBMP will come with new rules and regulations to the said land.

    If there is any clarifications, please feel free to call


  5. Durga says:

    Hi Nagendra,
    I was looking out for newly build independent at Mahadevpura (Near marath halli). Itseems the betterment is not paid since 2001. For sure even the housing plan is not approved due to this. Current owner is of opinion that we can get into the agreement for now, and by July end he would get betterment/housing plan cleared up. Seeking help on legal advise about the same.


  6. raiu says:

    Sir, I have seen a property at Veerabadra Layout,Basava nagar, Martha halli. This is the only vacant site in this area. I collected all the documents. I have seen a Katha in form 19 (MAR) dated 10/03/2003. Owner is teeling that he will provide the BBMP katha within 3 months. Can i go ahead with this deal?. Can he get BBMP katha?.
    With regards

  7. D.Manjunatha says:

    I am purchasing the property at Rajarajeswari nagar, i want to know the Registration charges,

  8. D.Manjunatha says:

    I am registering the house at Rajarajeswari nagar shortly. It has 32% deviation from sanction plan. After registering what i have to regularise the deviation. please answer me.

  9. Raj says:

    Thank you for the reply.So I should go for the apartment or I have to wait for BBMP rule.

  10. raj says:

    so i should go for it or not….

  11. Doss says:

    Hi Mr Nagendra:

    Have BBMP started issuing Katha?
    I am interested in securing Katha for my land in Marathahalli;
    Advance thanks for your guidance;

  12. Rakesh Singh says:


    I am buying a flat for which Khata transfer has not yet happened. Though the registration has been done in previous owner’s name and the property tax has been paid for 2 years.

    Can I buy the property and get it registered in my name even though the previous owner does not have khata in his name.

    Thanks & Regards,

  13. Srinivas says:

    YES,I agree with you. But builder says,if we wait for two months till he getss KHATA,Rate may shoot up very high after akrama-sakrama. So my main question is : Is it advicable to go for if rest of other docs are OK. Wha kind of problem may come in future in this case. Please confirm.

  14. mullassery says:

    Is the Khata issuing open yet? I heard they are started issuing Khata

  15. Kumar says:

    Dear Nagendra,

    Thank you.

    That means, now one can not get any transfer of CMC Khata in his/her name and he/she will not be able to get plan sanction. Whether my understanding is correct?


  16. Dear Mr. Nagendra,
    The said property in ejipura near kormangala under High tension wire, my very next house has Katha and paying taxes and other houses are also having Katha.
    A house is construcrted, got KEB connection and BWSSB connection and receiving the bills and payment are paid regularly
    Regarding the said property improvement charges (better charges) has been paid through Demand draft and receipt has been issued for the same, but on verifying case worker is telling it is not entered the register, therefore the above payment is not valid and Katha cannot be issued
    Kindly suggest me how can I get the Katha at the ealiest as I have to sell off the property at the earliest due to urgent need of money.
    Prakash George

  17. Dear Mr. Nagendra,
    Thank you for your response.
    Regarding the said property in Egipura near Kormangala under high Tension Wire.
    I have house built with KEB , BWSSB connections and receiving the bills and paying the bills regularly.
    My next house has Katha certificate and other houses also.
    For my house Improvement charges (betterment charges) has been paid through DD and Receipt has also issued for the same. But on verfication the case worker is tellling it is not entered in register therefore it is not valied to issue Katha.
    Kindly suggest me how to approach BDA to get the Kath certificate at the earliest. as I have to sell the property at the ealiest to meet my urgent needs.

    Prakash George

  18. Dear Mr. Nagendra,
    Thank you for your response.
    Regarding the said property in Egipura near Kormangala under high Tension Wire.
    I have house built with KEB , BWSSB connections and receiving the bills and paying the bills regularly.
    My next house has Katha certificate and other houses also.
    For my house Improvement charges (betterment charges) has been paid through DD and Receipt has also issued for the same. But on verfication the case worker is tellling it is not entered in register therefore it is not valied to issue Katha.
    Kindly suggest me how to approach BDA to get the Kath certificate at the earliest. as I have to sell the property at the ealiest to meet my urgent needs.

    Prakash George

  19. Ravikumar S says:

    Dear Mr. Nagendra,

    Thanks a lot for feedback. We want to start construction of the house in nov,2010 , if any bank approves the loan on the basis of B -Khata, should we go head for the construction or any risk is involved in this ?


  20. dilip says:

    Hi Mr. Nagendra,

    I am buying a Flat off Srajapur Road as resale. The current owner did the registeration of the Flat on Feb 2010 with the Builder. He doesnt have any Khata documents.

    Will I be able to get Khata in my name despite the first owner not having any Khata ?What should be the ideal process of getting Khata and in whose name?

    Pl reply as soon as possible.

  21. Ramesh Naidu says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a property in Bangalore (vacant land) for which I had not paid tax for long time. I also need to apply for Khata.

    Request you to help about the procedure for paying property tax and making application for Khata.

    Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ramesh Naidu

  22. Nagendra says:

    Dear Mr. Durga,

    Please provide us a set of documents, then only we able to tell situation of the property, call us and fix up a meeting for the issue, then we can sort out the problem at the earliest.

    If there is any clarifications, please feel free to call us


    Nagendra A S

  23. Nagendra says:

    Dear Mr. Durga,

    In this case we need to know what is the exact picture in documents of the property, could you please send me documents to my adderess so that I am able to advice for the same,

    Please feel free to call us, if there is any clarifications


    Nagendra ‘

  24. Nagendra says:

    Dear Mr. Durga,

    In this case we need to know what is the exact picture in documents of the property, could you please send me documents to my adderess so that I am able to advice for the same,

    Please feel free to call us, if there is any clarifications


    Nagendra ‘

  25. Nagendra says:

    Dear Mr. Raju,

    If the owner haviing the Khata (VP), you can get the Khata after new regulations from the BBMP only

    Thanking you,


    Nagendra AS

  26. raju says:

    The Katha produced by the owner is found to be forged. He prepared the sane for getting me loan. He still saying that he can get this property registered in my name. How can i proceed/

  27. Sreenivas Naidu says:

    Dear Mr Nagendra,

    We have a association called as Celebrity Housing in Electronic City.When the layout was formed most of the buyers were given Panchayat Khata.After sometime the builder got it BDA approved and some buyers have been given BDA Khata.

    Right now the layout has been handovered to BBMP as per the government order and it has been published in the leading newspapers.

    The question is if the panchayat khata holders want their khata transfer to BBMP , is it required that

    The panchayat khata holders have to convert the panchayat khata to BDA khata and then to BBMP khata
    They can directly apply for BBMP khata based on the panchayat Khata

    Please advise

  28. Nagendra says:

    Dear Mr. Sreenivas,

    What ever the Khata you have, every Khata should be transferred to BBMP only, its mandatory for the Registration with BBMP.

    Please feel free to call us, if there is any clarifications,

    Thanking you,


    Nagendra AS

  29. Nagendra says:

    Dear Mr. Manjunath,

    We are not able to disclose the fee structure because its depends upon the property, please feel free to call us,

    Thanking you,


    Nagendra AS

  30. Vicky says:

    Hi ‘”I am planning to purchasae a resale flat at cv RAMAN nagar,

    Please suggest me what documents i should check for and what will be the charges apart from the deal amount that i will have to pay like registration etc

  31. Nagendra says:

    Dear Mr. Vicky,

    We are not able to specify because we need to have the documents with us, please provide us the documents for the Legal opinion, then only we are able to advice you in a better way.

    Generally registration will be done based on the guideline value of the government.
    Thanking you,

    Nagendra AS

  32. C. VENKATESH says:

    I have an property in ” NELLURAHALLI ” Krishnarajapuram Hobli, Bangalore East.
    It comes under ‘ Mahadevapura ” CMC Ward No. 18.

    I have not paid property tax till date and not obtained ” KHATA ” certificate.

    Kindly inform me how to go about.

    thanks & regards
    c. venkatesh

  33. Nagendra says:

    Dear Mr. C. Venkatesh,

    If your not paid tax, you need to go to nearest BBMP office with your Sale Deed then you can pay the property tax till i mean 2010, then you need to apply for the Khata for the said property.

    Thankinh you,


    Nagendra AS

  34. Rakesh says:

    Hi Venkatesh,

    Paying property tax is very important irrespective of you have khata or not. Best thing you can do now is contact BBMP office and clear your arrears. If you still fail to pay property tax, your property tax will be more than what you can afford.

    After clearing the arrears, you can apply for the khata.


  35. saritha says:

    If khatha is not there in your earliear owners name then it is not possible to go for bank loan. Hence it is better before you purchase the property, khatha of the proeprty transferred in his name. After registration in your name.

  36. dilip says:

    Hi Rakesh,

    So how did you go about your flat purchase without the Khata. I am in the same situation and would like to know what is the process.

    Let me know your contact number and I can call you


  37. saritha says:

    when u know that he is making forged documents, then why u want to proceed?

  38. saritha says:

    Forged document is illegal and it is a crime. And Forged documents will not conferr u any right over the proeprty. Hence don’t buy the proeprty when documents are not clear.

  39. naveen says:

    Hello sir,
    I have purchased a land at bangalore north for which the khata is not there and i am planning to construct a apartments can i initially get the plan approval based on B Khata .pleasse let me know if any alternative…


  40. OP Poddar says:

    Mr. Nagendra,
    Please contact me at my e-mail. There is big query about the property matter. The matter which i want to discuss is totally new to any one at least in Bangalore.
    Please take your time and reply about this mail so as to resolve the issue and also prevent others to get a first hand knowledge about the episode.

  41. Eco Pack says:

    B katha is another version or form of Katha Extract, which is useful to get the sale deed registered or executed. The plan MIGHT be sanctioned on the basis of B katha, provided all other documents are proper and the katha is for the exact extent(size) of the property and not for the undivided share. Contact the AEE (engineering) of your jurisdiction.

  42. Pavan says:

    Carry a photocopy of your receipt and show the same to the concerned BDA officer, if he is not co-operative, file an RTI on the status of your application? but before filing such an application on RTI meet the higher officials in BDA and sort out the issue.


  43. unnikrishnan says:

    Hi Nagendra

    I recently bought a resale flat in gottigere area. The previous owner only has BDA khatha.
    I want to transfer the khatha to me and my wife’s name. How to do it? also is the sale deed and the registration print on the back of the sale deed means that the transfer of ownership is in my name. Kindly reply.


  44. AnantharamaiahBN says:

    Kindly get in touch with the bank and obtain a certificate in whose name DD has been encashed. It is better to have the encashed DDs front and back certified photo copies as in our case the DD was forged by BBMP to get khata to somebody which I fought for 10 years and finally I was able to get an A khatha in my name by the intervention of Yelahanka vidhanasabha janajagruthi vedike secretary who fought tooth and nail and was successful in getting my khatha, of course on payment of difference of improvement charges at current rate. If the DD was encashed and no dirty tricks are played by BBMP you have to fight and get your khatha. Otherwise they will issue khatha for somebody in your DD if they are sufficiently bribed.

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