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About Vasundhara


Vasundhara is one of the biggest residential and commercial hubs in the Delhi NCR region. It is an attractive choice for living because of its excellent infrastructure and connectivity to other major parts of Delhi and the state. The township is a part of Ghaziabad, which is the third most populated district in the state, and is largely suburban.


Vasundhara is a 1000-acre township that is laid out in an organised plan consisting of 17 sectors. Every sector is almost fully self-sufficient, with individual schools, parks, eateries, and malls in each one.


The most popular hangout spots in Vasundhara are the parks that are airy and green. Residents can enjoy a stroll or a relaxed day out in places like Aadarsh Park in Sector 6 or Central Park in Sector 4A.


The planning of the township is such that no part of it is more than a few kilometres from a reputed school, college, bank, shopping centre, or temple. There are several high quality schools in Vasundhara, like Arwachin Public School, Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School, and Vanasthali Public School, and nationally recognised universities like Amity University, IITMR, and Mewar Institute of Management.


Connectivity And Transit Points


Vasundhara is extremely accessible from Noida and New Delhi, and has been laid along Madan Mohan Malviya Marg, which is a major arterial road and the upper link road of Trans-Hindon Ghaziabad. This road connects the area to Anandvihar ISBT and Mohan Nagar, while Wazirabad road connects Vasundhara to New Delhi.


Travel by road is the most common form of transportation in this region. There is a major bus stop along Madan Mohan Malviya Marg, the Vasundhara and Sahidabad bus stop, at which all the buses travelling to and from Vasundhara stop. If one wants a mode of transport that is faster and more comfortable, albeit more expensive, one can hop into an auto or use a taxi service to travel to places in and around Vasundhara, and even to farther off places like the centres of Delhi and Noida, journeys that take a mere ten to fifteen minutes.


Residents of Vasundhara also have access to the DMRC metro system, which is widely regarded as one of the cheapest, safest, and quickest ways to travel in the Delhi NCR region, not to mention the impeccable level of maintenance that the metro enjoys. The closest metro rail station is at Vaishali, which is only two kilometres away. Vasundhara also provides connectivity to other parts of the district by rail, with the nearest Indian railway stations at Sahidabad at a distance of two and a half kilometres, and Anand Vihar Terminal, which is 4.5 km away from Vasundhara.


Factors for Growth in the Past


Vasundhara was established in the late 1990s by the UP Housing and Development Authority. It began as a residential area, and over the years it has managed to retain its peaceful, residential atmosphere. This atmosphere is, in fact, the major driving factor for the area’s growth.


The desirability of Vasundhara as a place of residence has only increased ever since it was built, and this has led to a huge demand for residential spaces, and created a lucrative market for the services industry in the area.


The infrastructure that Vasundhara was built with, including the ordered planning of the sectors, the area’s high accessibility, and its proximity to other major hubs like Vaishali, Kaushambi, and Indirapuram, and to state centres like Noida and New Delhi, made the township prime property for small and medium commercial establishments, as well. These were all also major factors for the area’s prosperity and expansion.


Residential & Commercial Market


Residential Market Trends


Since Vasundhara has been and remains one of Ghaziabad’s best localities to live in, its population has been steadily increasing. The demands for apartments have jumped, leading to a hike in apartment rates. The area, like most suburbs in India, has witnessed a change in the type of preferred residence, from bungalows to apartments, especially apartments in large, high-rise apartment complexes with additional amenities and facilities.


The going rate for apartment in Vasundhara has appreciated from Rs 2650 per sq. ft. in the first quarter of 2013 to Rs 3042 per sq. ft. in the second quarter of 2014. The property rates in Vasundhara are expected to continue rising, making real estate in Vasundhara an extremely smart choice for investment purposes.


Commercial Market Trends


Since Vasundhara is also a prominent commercial hub in the district, the demand for commercial space is high. The growing population is leading to an even more lucrative and competitive market, so the market trend for commercial and work space will continue to see a rise for some years to come. Currently, commercial work space in Vasundhara will cost approximately Rs 7000 per sq. ft.


Major Challenges


Vasundhara has only minor challenges due to the fact that it is a prime residential area that has been impeccably planned and equally well-maintained. The only issues with it is the overcrowding due to the continued immigration of new residents from other parts of Delhi and India. Overcrowding leads to problems like traffic jams and noise pollution. Vasundhara also has a lack of high-rise malls and cineplexes, owing to the fact that the area consists of mostly housing and educational institutions.


Factors for Growth in the Future


The fact that Vasundhara is still considered one of the safest and most peaceful places to live in Ghaziabad means that it will continue to be a prominent living destination for Indians from all over the country. This cemented status as a dream suburb will lead to a definite increase in the size of the market in Vasundhara, in terms of the services sector, which will in turn generate profit for the commercial side of the township. The future holds many more premium apartment complexes, and maybe even a luxury mall or two, for Vasundhara.


Once the Delhi metro is extended to Vasundhara, now that it ends only 2 km away at Vaishali, Vasundhara will become even more well connected to other parts of Delhi than it already is, enhancing its appeal for potential property buyers.


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