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About Vejalpur

Vejalpur is a town in the western region of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Being close to Ahmedabad has helped the region flourish, mainly due to the presence of many small-scale industries in the vicinity. Industrial growth here, has spurred on residential project development as well. Today, the residents living in Vejalpur enjoy all the basic amenities like running water, electricity, and well-maintained roads. One can find many shopping centres, banks, ATMs, and hospitals in the locality, albeit in lesser numbers. Overall, Vejalpur has seen infrastructure and real estate growth across many fronts over the past decade.


Connectivity and Transit Points


Two major highways are located in close proximity to Vejalpur. While Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway passes by this locality on its west, NH-228 grazes by Vejalpur on its east.


Ambli Road Railway Station is the nearest railway station, and can be reached in under 10 minutes. This station helps connect Vejalpur to major railway stations located nearby. Commuter trains from this transit point carry people to and from Ahmedabad on a daily basis.


The locality is also situated at a distance of 63 kilometres from Vadodara Airport. Many popular destinations in the country and across the continent are connected to this town by flights. Auto-rickshaws and taxi-cabs can also be hired for travelling locally.


Major Landmarks


●     Ambali Lake

●     Gotilal Garden Auda Park

●     Neon Tennis Academy

●     Ambili Road


Factors for Growth in the Past


Vejalpur came into prominence due to the establishment of a large number of small-scale industries. This attracted people from across the country, who came here especially in search of jobs. This influx of people helped bring better infrastructure to the region, as more people started relocating to Vejalpur. This ultimately caused the surrounding areas to become developed, and Vejalpur got swept over by this wave of urbanisation.


Residential & Commercial Market


Residential Market Trends


The major property type in Vejalpur are apartments. Houses occupy the next largest share of real estate holdings. The apartments in Vejalpur were being sold at an average rate of Rs 3,400 per sq. ft. in Q1 2014.


Builder floor apartments in Vejalpur have been selling at a range of Rs 2,500-6,000 per sq. ft. Rent for the same ranges between Rs 9-26 per sq. ft., with an average price of Rs 18 per sq. ft. Homes can be rented at a price range of Rs 10-28 per sq. ft.


Residential plots make up a very small minority in the real estate market.


Major Challenges


Being a developing market, infrastructure upgradation has been widespread. This poses a hindrance to commuters when roads get closed down for construction, and temporary water and power shortage occur when new supply routes get installed. The city is located in an area with poor air quality and high levels of noise pollution.


Vejalpur is also located in a seismic level 3 zone. Earthquakes have struck nearby areas in the past. The region also has harsh summers with heat waves that has proved to be fatal in a number of cases.


Factors for Growth in the Future


With many of the central localities of Ahmedabad proving to be very expensive for people moving to the city, Vejalpur, with its relatively low property prices, is set to be a good bet. It’s already noticeable how there is no compromise on developmental effort in the locality. More schools, hospitals, and other markers of development are coming up here. The area will receive constant upgradation in terms of existing infrastructure, in order to handle the growing influx of population. This will ultimately increase real estate demand for residential project in Vejalpur and drive prosperity in the locality.


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