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About Dombivli East


A dashing blend of commercial and residential development, Dombivli East is a name to reckon with when it comes to Mumbai’s suburban localities. This locality is part of Dombivli city, which is located around 50km from the centre of the dynamic Mumbai town and just 17km away from one of Mumbai’s most famous suburbs, Thane. This cultural hub is known for its impressive literacy rates and rich history, and is thus aptly referred to as among the most modern localities in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR).


Like other localities in Mumbai, Dombivli is also divided into East and West. Compared to its western counterpart, Dombivli East is more developed. The region is well endowed with commercial and industrial markets, broad roads, and residential buildings. Once a town of few, Dombivli has developed both in terms of demographics and infrastructure in the recent past. Its uprising cosmopolitan culture has brought in a great deal of versatility in terms of culture, religion, language, and nationality. This region can make one feel at home irrespective of one’s indigenous roots.


Dombivli East offers everything a person living in the modern day needs for a luxurious lifestyle. Be it hospitals, educational institutions, police stations, multi-cuisine restaurants, banks, shopping malls, grocery stores, or different modes of connectivity, this locality has it all. Popular educational institutions in the area include Manjunatha Vidyalaya and KV Pendharkar College of Arts, Commerce, and Science. Hospitals like Akruti Fertility Center, AIMS Hospital, and Manav Kalyan Kendra Hospital bolster the locality’s physical infrastructure. And when it comes to restaurants, whether one prefers international food from world-famous food chains or native foods from local eateries, the residents won’t have much trouble in finding the right one.


Key Projects in Dombivli East : 

Lodha Casa Bella Gold
Runwal My City
Lodha Palava Codename Epic


Connectivity and Transit Points


Connectivity is excellent in this urbanised neighbourhood, as it is gifted with various types of transportation and neatly laid roads. The various travel modes, such as trains, buses, taxis, and auto-rickshaws, accommodate all economic classes. Dombivli East also has one of the oldest railway stations in India, Dombivli Railway station, built in the year 1886. This station has five platforms and six railway tracks. It is well linked to the Mumbai city, and is considered a major transport channel for Dombivli residents.


There are three bus stations in this locality, namely ST Depot, Shelar Chowk, and Deslepada. Buses from these stations travel to different regions in and around Dombivli city. The auto-rickshaw and taxi services are also plenty, and one can avail them at any time in the day.


The streets of the region are well connected with broad roads. Some of the important roads in Dombivli East are Gymkhana Road, Patharli Road, Gandhi Nagar Road, and Manpada Road.


Major Landmarks


  •          Dombivli Railway Station
  •          Central Bank of India
  •          Empress Mall
  •          Big Bazaar
  •          ST Depot
  •          Manav Kalyan Kendra Hospital
  •          Manjunatha Vidyalaya
  •          Domino’s Pizza


Factors for Growth in the Past


One of the prime factors for the enormous growth of Dombivli East in the past was its industrial development. This region, even today, has various chemical and agricultural industries and heavy metal factories, which have contributed significantly to the area’s economy and development. The Phase 1 and 2 of MIDC comprises of as many as 450 companies.


Its century-old railway station is a long-standing economic support for the region. Dombivli Railway Station has frequent trains to Mumbai. According to the ticket sale data, the average number of passengers buying tickets at the station, between April-July 2013, was 2.18 lakh, which was one of the highest in Central Railway.


Other physical and social infrastructure developments like educational institutions, restaurants, and hospitals have also accounted for the development of Dombivli East in the past.


Residential & Commercial Market


Residential Market Trends


Residential market in Dombivli East is growing rapidly, thanks to the city’s modernisation. The market rates for residential properties in Dombivli East have seen stability in the past year. The region majorly comprises of apartments. With a whopping 93 per cent residential unit share occupied by apartments, the area’s remaining property types are houses and builder floors in Dombivli East. As the area’s population is on the rise, so is the demand for residential properties.


In the Jan-Mar 2013, the average price per sq.ft. was Rs 5,300, which appreciated to Rs 5,800 in the April-June 2013 quarter. And the price depreciated to Rs 5,100 in the Jan-Mar 2014 quarter. However, it appreciated again to Rs 5,200 in the April-June 2014 quarter.


Commercial Market Trends


Dombivli East is famous for its commercial and industrial centres. Commercial property rent varies widely from Rs 60-70 per sq.ft. to Rs 200-300 per sq. ft.


Major Challenges


One of the major challenges of Dombivli East is its population density, which is an overwhelming 47,000 persons/sq km. With so many vehicles on the streets, there are reports of pollution problems in the region. The region suffers from air, water, and soil pollution, with deposits of green water found around the MIDC area. The pollution is also accentuated from chemical wastes coming from the companies present in the region. Maharashtra Pollution Control Board is planning and implementing measures to control the high levels of pollution.


Factors for Growth in the Future


With its multicultural environment and massive urbanisation, the city’s infrastructure is witnessing massive growth in Dombivli East. The looks of the locality are expected to undergo major changes in the near future, thanks to the planning and introduction of new infrastructure projects. Two major upcoming projects are KDMC Sports Complex and Savitribai Phule Natyagruha, both of which will serve as entertainment centres. The locality is also likely to give birth to numerous commercial retail malls.


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