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Feng shui and trees

1 Comment Sub Category:Decor,Vaastu Posted On: Apr 17, 2013

Trees are a vital part of our surroundings and cater to our well-being; they are synonymously called the “lungs of the earth”. They act like the purifiers of every breath that we inhale. They are also responsible for preventing ground water run-off and soil erosion. With growing population and commercial growth, trees have become the most cherished part of our mother land.

Apart from their beauty, they have the mother like quality to provide shelter, warmth and a place to climb on, for fun and enjoyment. They also provide nutrition in the form of fruits, nuts etc. Substantially they play a strong role in our homes in the form of feng shui. Hence, it has become essential for us to protect the trees surrounding our homes. Do you know what else it has in store for us? Let’s go through the Feng Shui aspects of trees.

1. Trees provide good amount of support. When planted at the backyard of a house, they provide “Mountain Support” at the rear of the property. Generally, all the dwellings and commercial properties are situated with the rear of property at a raised level. If this rise is not present (i.e. landscape is flat) then vital support from trees would be missing, resulting in a struggle in the major areas of your life. This support in the rear of the property is considered to be a critical element in Feng Shui. It is suggested to plant a row of 5 trees in the backyard of a property in order to simulate the missing support.

2. Planting Bamboo in the backyard may bring good fortune in one’s life. If bamboo is planted in the rear of the house, it gives solid support. If planted in the East, it gives splendid dragon energy (best form of energy as per Feng Shui). If planted in the front of the house, it gives essential auspicious energy for opportunities and wealth. The front side of any property is considered to be a highly auspicious location for plantation. So it is recommended to preferably plant bamboo in the front of the house.

3. Trees giving flowers bring reward. As per Feng Shui,orange trees are believed to bring wealth and are specifically beneficial when planted in South-East corner of the yard. Lemon/lime trees are also helpful in bringing opportunities and wealth especially for houses facing South-East direction. Orange and Lime trees when planted at the front of the dwelling bring great opportunities in the form of advancement and wealth.

In order to promote good relationships, one should plant apple trees in the home. Planting pomegranates stimulates love. In the west of the yard, planting peaches brings overall family happiness.

4. To raise the amount of essential Chi energy, trees should be planted. If your house or office slopes down towards the left side or is at a low level, trees should be planted to increase the Chi energy resulting in making the essential “Dragon Energy” more under control. Always make sure to plant trees on both the sides of the house to keep the harmony inside the house balanced. Trees planted on the left and right side control the anger of both the husband and wife.

5. Trees can also promote growth and good health. When trees are planted on the East of the house, they can promote personal growth and good health. Always choose large hardwood trees to plant of this side of the house.

6. Pines bring longevity of life. Pines are believed to be effectively auspicious when planted in the East corner of the garden.

7. Always keep on removing dead trees if there. Dead trees tend to draw huge amount of energy out of the house. Make sure to remove dead trees specifically when someone is ill in the house.

8. Trees should not touch any sort of house construction. If any tree is touching the construction, it will give “yin” energy to the house which you don’t want because it is Negative energy.

9. Trees should be away from the center of the house, South-West corner and North-East corner. Trees planted in the center of the house which is negative energy. Hence, branches of trees leaning against the house should be cut off.

10. Trees should not be planted in the front of the main door. Trees blocking the door also blocks opportunities and causes financial and career troubles.If possible, replant the tree or cut it down. After cutting, place a gazing ball to push the tree energy back.


About the Author:

Hetal Doshi – Vastu and Feng Shui expert at Vastugyani.com.

VastuGyani.com is an online Vastu Advisory. Our team of six Vastu experts has a total experience of more than 95 years. Our easy to implement recommendations, excellent customer support and brilliant response time makes us the first choice for any person seeking Vastu advices. For more details visit Vastugyani.

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