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Vastu location for your kitchen door and windows

No Comments Sub Category:Vaastu Posted On: Sep 01, 2013

Ideal Vastu position for your kitchen door and windowsVastu Shastra is the science of architecture, which can be applied for good construction. Vastu approved design recommendations are grounded on directional placements. These directions are applicable too for the kitchen alignment. According to Vastu recommendation,the kitchen alignment must be done maintaining some specific rules, which is relevant for kitchen door and windows positioning.

In olden days, kitchen vastu guidelines were maintained in accordance to sunlight intrusion as well as availability of wind circulation within the room. However, with the changed concept of architecture, living style, modern way of living, designing of kitchen has become compact, energy efficient, so that the place remains comfortable to work and cook. Positioning of doors and windows in the kitchen matters a lot for channeling of positive energy as well as for reversal of negative energy.

There should be a single door for a kitchen and never should have two doors in opposite direction.

In case you found two doors in a kitchen keep the north or west facing door open. Keep the other door closed. There is one additional requirement in setting the best position for the kitchen door and windows.

The kitchen door should open in a clockwise manner and never in anti-clockwise direction.

Easy maneuverity for right hand direction is the architectural reason behind this rule perhaps, however, according to vastu, doors that are opening in clock-wise direction brings prosperity and good luck for the habitants of the house. On contrary doors opening in anticlockwise manner may induce slow progress in work, delayed result, and bad result out of whole input and these results are not desirable for a kitchen.

The door of the kitchen should be placed in the north-east, north, or in the east position.

According to Vastu recommendation, the entrance of a kitchen should be from west or north side. As per Vastu this is the most auspicious alignment for an ideal kitchen entrance. In case the north entrance is not available, next vastu recommended kitchen entrance is from the south eastern side.

In the kitchen the larger window should be placed at the eastern side.

Morning sun rays are always beneficial for health and UV rays are natural germicide. Kitchen is a place where healthy foods are cooked. Therefore, maintenance of healthy ambiance in kitchen is a pre-requisite. According to vastu, bigger window of the kitchen should be placed on the eastern side. In case eastern side is not available, the second best option for placing bigger window in the kitchen is eastern –southern side of the wall from where wind and sun rays may enter the room at ease.

Small window should be placed on the opposite wall for cross ventilation

As per Vastu, the small window of the kitchen should be placed on the opposite side of the bigger window. The best option for placing a small window in the kitchen is on the southern wall of the room, or on the opposite side of the bigger window of the kitchen.

Following these tips will help in making a Vastu compliant kitchen for over all well being of a house.


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