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How to calculate service tax and vat for an apartment building?

Q: How much percentage service tax amount need to pay for government ?

What is the actual service tax in Bangalore for 2012-2013?


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Hi all, I came across an article in Commonfloor website related to service tax in Bangalore. I hope it will be useful to you too. I am sharing the link here- click here.

Vat shall be charged 2% either on the whole expenses on the project or individually on all the expenses.

Can somebody share any recent updates about Service tax?

I think it is an aggregate of 4.12 % Pratap..

As per my knowledge, a service tax of 2.575% is leviable on under construction residential complexes where sale has been effected prior to completion of construction.

Hi Is it that now the service tax has been increased to 3.09%. Please confirm as my builder is charging on the same lines.
Ranjit Raha,  Pondicherry
24th January 2013


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