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Latest Answer: The property is in attibele, anekal taluk.

Q: i am planing to buy house in prestige trenquility in bangalore Budhigiri layout. Need to have suggestion for this property .

Latest Answer: Prestige Tranquility is an excellent project .If ur interested , u can call me at this no 9731352306 I can get u a good deal

Q: posting of property not possible

Latest Answer: can i pay online property tax for sivapriya nagar plot

Q: Can someone please share the number and contact details of the maintenance office
Latest Answer: Hi Ananda, Why dont you get in touch with the apartment association for the contact details fo the maintenance office.

Q: Should I buy or not? Need your opinion

This apartment has 32 units and they all depend on 1 borewell. No open area no RWH no water recycling.

Q: Hi,

Its been more than year since this project got completed, but does it not have OC until now.
Latest Answer: Hi Pooja, OC is an essential legal document that has to be obtained by the builder once the construction is complete. This ensures that the building has been constructed in a completely legal way adhering to the approved plan. Maybe there is some issue for which the builder has not got the OC yet.

Q: I own a plot of dimension 600 sqft in Singasandra AECS Layout. I want to start construction. What is the maximum number of floors allowed for construction? Can I get an OC and CC Certificate if my building has some violations in number of floors allowed?
Latest Answer: The number of floors depends on the road in front of your site, If its 4o" road, then you can build G+2 floor structure. I would suggest you hire an architect in your city who knows the local regulations and practices.

Q: My apartment building is registered under KSRA and has issued AMC (Annual Maintenance Charge) demand without holding an AGM. When asked the Managing Committee have responded saying quote An EGM or AGM decides the AMC applicable for the year and until another AGM or EGM revises it , the previously decided AMC remains valid endquote. They are using their statement as justification to carryover and use last years AMC to this year. They are also threatening to levy a penalty on anyone who does not pay within 25 days of the demand.
Is the associations.demand for AMC without holding an AGM, without presenting the accounts for previous year and without presenting the budget for this year valid and legal?

Latest Answer: It is not at all legal. I think all the apartment owners should form a group and take legal action against the same because this is not right what they are doing.

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