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Q: Hi All, I am looking to buy 2bhk in iwoods. I will be grateful if existing owner can advise 1143sqft price and existing rental value for this flat(1143sqft)
Any other concerns not to buy this(OC etc.)

Q: I dont normally look for houses online, I have always gone through brokers. This time I got desperate as no broker was helping me. Looking at Indya Estates Website I saw 2 beautiful apartment buildings I could move into. I like Skyview better as it is so close to the airport. I spoke to the staff directly and it delighted me to see how corporative they are. They heard me out and we had a very peasant conversation. When I move out it may just be to Skyview
Latest Answer: We at Valuehome Properties Pvt. Ltd can help you in buying apartments. Please buy RERA approved projects only or Ready to move-in also better choice... if you need any support please contact us at pandu at valuehomeproperties.com or 9900176699

Q: I have a daughter who loves to swim. She is an A class swimmer who wins all prizes at school and all the championships at state level. Now that we have decided to move to The Greens, she can practice in the evenings in the pool and become a master at the sport. I am happy that the Greens can help my daughter become a bigger champion.
Latest Answer: Hi Arnav, a Swimming pool is one of the common amenities. Nowadays all the projects will have a swimming pool. Have you booked an apartment in Indya Estates The Green Phase II.

Q: As per my understanding if one is buying ready to occupy flat After July 1st 2017( in an apartment complex project), if the flat is in a building with an Occupancy certificate (even partial occupancy certificate), the sale does not come under the ambit of GST, and the builder can not bill GST charges also. Am I right?
Latest Answer: Ready-to-move apartments will have no GST... Why is the builder asking for GST for this project????

Latest Answer: Why no reply. I am helping the tenants especially unemployed at less rent through your web. It is my social responsibility

Q: Has anyone bought a plot here, please provide a review. Was the negotiations, registration smooth. Are they trustworthy? Will they live up to the amenities promised? Do you foresee any problem? Are there better options available nearby in same price bracket? Thank you in advance.
Latest Answer: There are other plotted projects in Jigani such as rinda Imperial Phase I, Sai Prasanthi Homes, Avventura Madhumitra Phase II, Akruthi Green Woods Phase II, Flutus Nest etc. Even Mahaveer is having another plotted project called Mahaveer Oaks, you can check that project as well.

Q: Consider the undivided share of the owner of a flat decreases with respect to the value given in the sale deed. What should be the compensation for the shares that is reduced?
Latest Answer: I think you should talk to the builder regarding the decrease in the UDS because there is no way to compensate for the same.

Q: My father just retired from work and wants to move in with me in Electronic City. At the moment I live in a 1 bhk with my cat but I will have to move out soon. The Greens looks like a nice apartment building to live in so I am thinking of moving in there whenever possible. The staff also talk very well and have all the necessary information needed.
Latest Answer: Hey Narayan, As far as I know, there are apartments available for sale, so when are you planning to buy an apartment and shift. The prices they are quoting seems to be quite affordable.

Q: Which is a better place to invest in residential plots - Mysore road or Jigani area? In terms of development, appreciation, water supply, crowd, traffic and infrastructure.
Latest Answer: It is a good bet if you are planning to buy property in Mysore road. As far as I know, you can get good returns in future as it is an ideal location for families to settle down and also has great connectivity to all parts of Bangalore. Mysore Road is good for both long term investments as well as end use purpose.

Q: Hi everyone, im looking to invest in a property in Bannergeta. Please give me some inputs.
Latest Answer: Hey Rati, What type of property are you looking for apartments, villas or plots and what is your budget range? So that I can help you with the listings.

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