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Q: What are the latest apartments coming up in Mangalore?

Latest Answer: "Peters Cote" is the latest residential one..

Q: Why there is so much water crisis in Mangalore?

Latest Answer: Hi ganesh you can find your answers on the following link Manglore water crisis

Q: Is the garbage collection being carried on regularly at Indiranagar?

Latest Answer: You cannot blame the civic body because the residents are equally culprit of dumping the garbage on the road side.

Q: Hi all, how can one find the respective PID of their property?

Latest Answer: Hello Ganesh.. From the BBMP website the required information can be derived.

Q: What is the issue with flyovers in Delhi?

Latest Answer: It is the responsibility of the Horticulture department that they should look into the issue and carry out some plantations into the barren lands under the flyovers.

Q: Madikeri is a tourist spot. But the areas of the city is getting spoiled by the garbage dumping. What are the steps taken by the municipality to prevent the pollution at this place?

Latest Answer: Since Madikeri is a tourist attractive town, the council has ordered all the hotels to supply with hot water and maintain cleanliness while preparing the food.

Q: Hi all, is there any new project coming up in Mangalore?

Latest Answer: Inland Espana will host 30 luxurious 2 and 3 BHK apartments. The amenities like automatic elevators, Gymnasium, Generator, car parking, CCTV facilities will be available.

Q: Hi, any idea whether the property prices will come down after the RBI rate cut?

Latest Answer: ok thank you for sharing your thoughts.. I hope the prices come down soon.. I am looking to buy some property, so...

Q: What is the latest residential projects coming up in Bangalore?

Latest Answer: You can read more about this project here- Equinox Realty will invest Rs 600 crore in Bangalore .

Q: I heard that Equinox Realty will invest about Rs 600 crore in Bangalore. What are its plans?

Q: What is the current move taken by DTCP with respect to Mayfield Projects?

Latest Answer: The Mayfield Projects will soon be handed over to the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon for maintenance work but they have not set any time-line foxed for the complete takeover by the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon but the process of working has started.

Q: What will happen once we cancel any booking for any property?

Latest Answer: Ganesh this incident happened recently. A customer booked a flat from Unitech at Rs.3200 per sqft and later it was increased to Rs.3350 per sqft. Then the customer cancelled the booking but Unitech refused to refund the booking amount. The customer approached consumer court and the court ordered Unitech to refund the booking amount along with some extra amount for the mental agony and loss occurred.

Q: It is found that many of the real estate projects are not following the fire safety norms. What will happen to those structures who failed to abide by the norms of the fire safety departments?

Latest Answer: Good Morning.Can any one answer my question reg Fire licence requirement for Hirh rise residential projects. Which agency can answer this question?

Q: What are the authorities planning to do about the illegal banners in Gurgaon?

Latest Answer: According to sources, Haryana Urban Development Authority (Huda) has made sure that these banners will be removed and will concentrate more on this part of the city now.

Q: Nearly 40 acres of land was abandoned by Mysore Lamps. Will it remain abandoned for years together?

Latest Answer: Hi Ganesh, the government has planned to construct a luxurious apartment in that abandoned place. The revenue generated will compensate with the losses of Mysore Lamps.

Q: The government plans to promote affordable housing. Will it be able to draw more customers in any city?

Latest Answer: Ganesh, in the present day situation the demand is more for affordable housing than luxurious houses. So I think the Ahmedabad government will be successful.

Q: Hi, how are the civic issues being managed at Faridabad? I recently read somewhere about the lack of tubewells in several sectors. Is this true? If so, please share the news with me.

Latest Answer: I have read the news about the civic issues in Commonfloor. If you want to know more details about the issue click here Tubewells a distant dream at Faridabad.

Q: With the growth of apartments the environment is also getting polluted. What are the steps taken by the builders to keep the environment clean?

Latest Answer: Green house concept has become the high priority concept in India nowadays.

Q: Is it true that somebody reporting burning of leaves and garbage in Bangalore will be rewarded by the authority?

Latest Answer: Yes it is a true news!! Finally BBMP has taken the initiative of penalizing residents who would burn garbage on road. It also states that they will reward Rs 1000 to those who would find such defaulters and report to them.

Q: Why is there no regular collection of garbage in Noida?

Latest Answer: Noida city lacks in basic amenities and Noida Authority has either ignored the situations or failed badly in proving basic civic facilities to its citizens.

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