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Q: Which are the top areas in South Chennai where sales are impressive?
Latest Answer: What is the reason that South Chennai is one of the preferred residential location?

Latest Answer: You can call on this toll free number (1800) (180) (180) (180) Or You Post your Requirements to get matching properties details on your Email and Mobile.

Q: I have been seeing a lot of projects lately to make an investment. I feel that Sarvam from S&S Foundations is a very good project for home-buyers. From the location (Velachery) to the amenities and design, it is very impressive on all fronts. Do check it out people.
Latest Answer: Hey Chran, Thanks for your prompt reply. Can you also let me know how is the locality from end use point of view?

Q: DRA has come up with awesome Diwali offer. I enquired just now. You can own a 2 bhk home by paying just 1 lakh. Its great for people looking to buy. Do look into it.
Latest Answer: It's a great Diwali Gift, can you post its full details of the projects

Q: Hello! I was enquiring about KG Builders and got to know that along with the referral offer they now have a great thing called Diwali Dhamaka offer which is really great for buyers. Check their website all of you.
Latest Answer: Yes you are right dear!! KG Developers offer up to Rs 500 off per sq.ft in their Diwali Damaka offer. so if anyone interested, have a look in this project.

Q: Hi! I have got to know about Diwali offers from Malles Builders and enquired with them. Really excellent offers that make owning a home so easy. I personally thought the offer to pay just 20% of payment first and pay the rest on possession for Aashira is great!
Latest Answer: Hi All, The residential property prices in Chennai have certainly shown a year-on-year increase. However, the rate of appreciation has differed according to location and market segments. Chennai offers options like luxury, premium and affordable categories in and around the growing suburban corridors of OMR, ECR, GST and Poonamallee.

Q: KG Builders have come up with very good offers in this festive season. They have reduced per sqft rates for all projects. Prospective home buyers should really check these out.
Latest Answer: Hello, you can also check this like for more information: https://www.commonfloor.com/forum/55506588b0114-kg-builders

Q: Hey people! I just watched some videos by this interesting character called Sq. Ft. Subbu. Hilarious concept. I really liked the way he explained dry real estate concepts interlaced with good humour. Thumbs up to the people behind it and the guy himself. Continue the good work.
Latest Answer: Could you forward the link, maybe? I would like to have a look at it! thanks.

Q: I am hearing about a new kind of video series that was launched to make people more aware of real estate workings. Heard that its a fun series. Anyone seen it?http://www.sqftsubbu.com/
Latest Answer: I recently saw this video, it was hilarious. As someone who doesnt easily trust real estate companies unless Ive had a firsthand experience with them, I found it refreshing. Anyway I think for me very few companies qualify as legit. Living in Chennai where there is a dearth of developers very few are genuine. Radiance Realty is by far the best real estate company in my experience, Mahindra lifespaces is also good. I hope people find good developers, as buying a house is a major thing and whom you invest with is utterly important.

Q: What are the things you must be sure about project while booking property online?
Latest Answer: I am not against it! I just think it is a little risky to book online. You can do a lot of research and all of that but until you meet the developers in person and talk to them about the property you should not make the final decision. No doubt make your expectations clear and ensure they match what is being offered. We enquired about property online by Radiance realty in Chennai and they called us over, offered site inspection and I was at ease when I finally booked the property. Having done the ground work I felt satisfied in booking with them. Now I am even more satisfied and lucky that Ive made a good choice since this is one of the few properties that was unharmed by the recent floods.

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