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Q: What should a first time investors keep in mind before investing in residential project in Chennai.
Latest Answer: Hi Venu, As per my knowledge, currently Chennai Real estate market is showing steady growth. So many home buyers & first time investors are interested to buy or invest in Chennai. But there are many factors one should keep in mind before investing in Chennai as a first time investor to grow your net worth.

Q: If every problem have solution ,then is there any solution for Chennai major civic issue like Water & Sewage(drainage).
Latest Answer: Hi Venu, The flat terrain of Chennai City needs effective Storm Water Drainage System to prevent water stagnation in roads. The terrain of Chennai city is flat and average level of the land in the city is only 2.5m above the Mean Sea Level (MSL). Because of this flat terrain and partial coverage of roads with storm water drains, flooding and water stagnation happens in the city during the monsoons.

Q: I am planning to have an 2 Bhk apartment in Chennai , But i am interested in affordable housing projects. What will be good & bad thing about affordable housing.
Latest Answer: Hi Mr Pavan, As per my knowledge, this Affordable housing scheme launched by Govt. Of India is one of the best initiatives to improve India Real estate Market till now. Affordable housing refers to housing units that are affordable by that section of society whose income is below the median household income.

Q: The flyover work was stopped for many days. What was the reason? Will the flyover work start again?
Latest Answer: How much time they are going to take to start the work afresh?

Q: When they are planning to acquire the land for the Metro rail Phase I extension?
Latest Answer: when can we expect the clearance of The Phase-I extension of Chennai Metro Rail from the center. the approval is long pending from the central government. Any updates regarding this?

Q: I need some details about the categories of buildings made by Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority.
Latest Answer: Hi, May I know what are the areas which are excluded from FSI ?

Q: What is the roll of Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority in OSR?
Latest Answer: Hi , In my point of view, the primary purpose of OSR is to use the reserved area for community or recreational purposes such as residents association, park or play area by the residents of the development. CMDA has the responsibility to ensure the maintenance of OSR. If CMDA is not satisfied with the maintenance of OSR, it has the right to ask the owner of the land to transfer the land to CMDA by gift deed.

Q: Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority approving plots.

Latest Answer: Hi Every one, Buyers should be aware that the Panchayat cannot approve layouts and does not have the authority to do so. Most of the times real estate developers term unapproved plots as Panchayat approved plots. This is a misleading term and aids them to sell unapproved layouts. According to Town and Country Planning Act, approval for layouts should be issued by: Town and Country Planning Department such as Director Town and Country Planning (DTCP).

Q: I want to know, what are the schemes made by Tamilnadu Housing Board for those who are State Government Servants.
Latest Answer: Hi Guys, How I will know that I am eligible to get an allotment by TNHB Scheme?

Q: I am looking for a villa to purchase in Chennai for my self at a reasonable price. I cannot pay such hefty amount. Please help
Latest Answer: There are villas that falls in the price range of Rs 1-1.6 crore. The city has about 15 projects spread across the South in various stages of development.

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