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Q: Now a days builders are more prominent towards real estate market due to current rate cut.
Latest Answer: I would suggest you should see the graph which shows the growth of property prices over a period of time, House of hiranandani has build flats from 30L to 1.5 cr so its a varied market. So of builders like Hira are having a development plan in these locations, that shows the realty sector is going to boom. Also see that the new government will also have a positive impact on reality sector.

Q: Hi , Is demand for properties from end users in Chennai increasing this day?
Latest Answer: Properties in the budget range of Rs 30-50 lakh were highest in demand. Properties in all other budget ranges either posted a drop of 1-2 per cent or remained stable.

Q: I learned from Wikipedia that House of Hiranandani is coming up with tallest building in Chennai. The page says the plan is passed. Any updates of when the project is starting.
Latest Answer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tallest_buildings_in_Chennai http://www.houseofhiranandani.com/signature/seagull.php Please reply if anyone has more info

Latest Answer: Hi Mr Pavan, As per different sources, the new government at the Centre speaks in the right language .Business sentiments have improved in the wake of a stable government that is encouraging policies in terms of relaxation of FDI norms, and taking forward investment vehicles like the REITs. This is exactly the message builders have sent to the state government. In a document to state IT Secretary TK Ramachandran, builders said high land cost is an obstacle in bagging contracts from one large automobile firm and an IT company which are waiting to enter Tamil Nadu with plans to occupy 3 million sq ft.

Latest Answer: Hi Mr VKumar, Industry estimates vary over the quantum of residential market absorption from 20,000–22,000 units in 2014, a dip in overall volume by 20-30 per cent over the previous year. However, there are a number of feel good factors on the anvil which will make Chennai market open up in a big way in the coming months, say realtors. The annual event by Credai members titled Fairpro has been scheduled in February 2015, where a number of developers are expected to launch their new projects.

Latest Answer: Hi Mr Sudeep, Cement manufacturers say they are under severe cost pressure owing to lower utilisation of their manufacturing capacity. Increase in input costs like coal, power and transportation had crippled the industry and slashing prices would be suicidal. Moreover, for every bag of cement sold at around 370, cement manufacturers pay 140 as VAT, excise duty and freight charges. There are other overheads too and manufacturers hardly make any money.

Q: Can anyone update how was the real estate market in Chennai in 2014?
Latest Answer: Top localities based on overall unit supply in 2014 are OMR, Mambakkam, Perungudi, Guindy, Avadi and Oragadam. Due to large tracts of available land, most of these localities witnessed the launch of large-size projects (over 500 units each). Orgadam, on the other hand, saw the launch of several small-size projects over the year. You can also click on the link to read the report on Chennai Real Estate http://www.commonfloor.com/annual-realestate-outlook/chennai/index.html

Latest Answer: Hi Guys, I came to know from newspaper that, bulk of the company's business is in the range Rs 30-45 lakh, averaging about Rs 35 lakh per housing at locations like Bhiwadi, Neemrana, Jaipur, Jamshedpur and Jodhpur. Hallol properties are in the lower range of Rs 20-30 lakh, while Lavasa is on the higher range between from Rs 40 lakh to Rs 70 lakh.

Q: Give description about your Question.
Latest Answer: Hi Guys, Like Chandra said , some time it depends on area. I will comment that , DTCP is the town and country planning authority, it is vested with the powers to approve any building plans and layouts. Panchayat does not have the power to approve any layouts. Patta is an extract issued by the register of land holdings maintained usually at the office of the concerned Tehsildar.

Q: The city needs a Chief Technology Officer like in London or Singapore, who can come in and review government processes.
Latest Answer: Hi , In my point of view, the government is not thinking in terms of how to make life easy for citizens. Even simple things haven’t been done. The city needs a Chief Technology Officer like in London or Singapore, who can come in and review government processes. We are not living in some primitive non-IT country. India is supposed to be the IT capital of the world. But, the government doesn’t seem to have figured any of this out.

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