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I would like to join owners forum.

Q: Hello, if any one purchased a flat in Kethana Blossom residential project near Belandur, Bangaluru, please let me know I would like to join owners forum so we can discuss issue we may face. Thanks in advance.

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When is the Next Owners Meet??I would like to be part of it..

Hi Rohitji, heard from builder that you have left the apartment @ Kethana. Was there any specific issue. Just wanted to know as I have also booked one there. Can you pl mail me. . Thanks

I have recently booked a 3 BHK flat over there....


has any one bought a flat at this property...i like the place and the rate the builder is quoting...but not sure about the builder reputation or track record with previous project completion. The Website is not so up to the mark with no info or actual photos of the completed project...The location is GREAT so need some advice here...Assetz ard is good too but the build keep changing his rate every time i have called so i dropped the idea to go with it..but agn is a gd loc

there is no owners forum available. anyone aware about how to join the same?

Yes, Babu, I have bought 3BHK flat in in Kethana Blossom. You can reach me at dipakmittal@gmail.com

Hello Babu, If you are a resident owner, you can join the owners group and get in touch the other owners of the project and can discuss anything about Kethana Blossom. To join the group click here.


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