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Q: Hi,
I have recently given up my Indian citizenship, and am planning to buy residential land in Kolkata. Problem is, the land has still NOT been converted from Shalee to Vaastu. The developer says it will be converted, and I have absolutely no reasons to NOT believe them.

But I am a bit grey on the applicable rules, whether I can still go ahead and make a purchase, or I need to wait till the land is converted, and when the price is quite high, of course, to buy it.

Can someone who is more aware let me know?

Latest Answer: Hey Buddy, I would suggest you to wait till the land is converted from Shalee to Vaastu as you will be on the safer side while buying the plot.

Q: Hi, I am interested in GREENFIELD ELEGANCE located at Rajarhat. It would be great if anyone tell me more about this project? Share me about the builder and their credentials?
Latest Answer: You'll get ready to move flats at a few yards distance from this project at this rate. I'm talking about Clubtown Courtyard, a Space group project. People already started living there.

Q: Which area or locality would be good in Kolkata to ipurchase new or existing property which can be given in rent immediately.
Latest Answer: Hi Moonmoon, We are delighted to know about your interest in buying a property. Our property Avineda is located at Kolkata. If you wish to know more about the project, please share your contact details so that our team can get in touch with you. Regards, Tata Housing Development Company

Q: Hi,I am interested in 2 BHK units in this project. I would like to know your opinion of this project?
Appreciate your response in advance!!
Latest Answer: What is the market trends in this area? Is the current price of this project, good for investment purpose?

Q: I am 27 yrs old professional looking for the residential apartment, but my budget is approx. Rs 30 lakh and want to buy a property in Kolkata. I have shortlisted one project Meena Srishti by GM Group. Please suggest me whether to buy or not?
Latest Answer: Thanks for providing such a wonderful information. I am very new in property search and I really like to know which are the area I can see as a premium market of Kolkata in terms of residential projects?

Q: call @ 9831287876 for resale flat in rosedale complex rajarhat
Latest Answer: You can call on this toll free number (1800) (180) (180) (180) Or List your property for sale at List property for sale to find right buyer

Q: Looking forward to see the property.
Interested in 3 BHK is it available???
Latest Answer: Thank you I am interested in 3BHK how to go further, email me all details with all charges - surojit.kundu@gmail.com

Q: What is FSI or FAR? How is it calculated?
Latest Answer: Right Nikita..... What is Non-FAR area? Which all area comes under it? Are these area exempted under FAR computation?

Q: I am interested to purchase a 2BHK flat in Rajarhat, Kolkata.I need expert advice, whether I should purchase flat in the locality or some other location in Kolkata. It is purely for investment purpose.
Latest Answer: Absolutely agree with all of you guys but before putting your hard earned money in a residential housing project, it is important that you check and enquire about the builders credibility. Also check 1.The project approvals. 2.Being a buyer you have all the right to demand for documents associated with approvals procured from the local authorities. 3.Mother deed 4. Khata extraction

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