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Q: america num* 1 ASTROLOGY9694102888. Best vadic mantra for Get Love Back or Make Love Come

Q: Hi All, I am looking to buy 2bhk in iwoods. I will be grateful if existing owner can advise 1143sqft price and existing rental value for this flat(1143sqft)
Any other concerns not to buy this(OC etc.)

Q: One of the existing projects is Good-fortune, I came across the at once. I like the area and the concept and i visited the flats. It is really good and worth investing.This is hottest location of OMR...

Q: As per my understanding if one is buying ready to occupy flat After July 1st 2017( in an apartment complex project), if the flat is in a building with an Occupancy certificate (even partial occupancy certificate), the sale does not come under the ambit of GST, and the builder can not bill GST charges also. Am I right?
Latest Answer: Ready-to-move apartments will have no GST... Why is the builder asking for GST for this project????

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