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Q: I am not getting a definitive reply on the maintenance charge or association fee, the villa owner has to pay. Please someone clarify
Latest Answer: Hello Seema, Did you inquire about this project? What is the current asking rate is going on for a 2 BHK flat in Adarsh Palm Retreat, Bellandur, Bangalore? Can you share some useful details of this project if you had a word with the developer?

Latest Answer: Sobha Hibiscus is one of the completed project by the reputed developer Sobha and the project is located at ORR. So it is a good idea to buy or invest in a property in this project. Moreover the project has also got all the necessary approvals as well.

Latest Answer: It is a ready to move in project so Sagar can you please update me if the project has got all the necessary approvals and if the builder is providing OC and CC for the same.

Q: I have been renting here for about 1 year. Sharing my experience.
Tenants are treated as aliens here.

In the common forum & discussions, strategies are discussed on how to extract the maximum maintenance from tenants. The comment from association members like this is quite common. "Our recommendation is that the Federal bank virtual account is like a destination account of the association 1 for each apartment hence owners can create in their name and provide to their tenants to avoid going thru a change process". And this is being talked about a huge 7K amount.

As per owners & the association, all the wrongdoings like dog poops, high water consumption is all blamed on tenants.

Anyways I will be getting out of this place in few weeks. Good luck to all my fellow residents..
Latest Answer: Thankyou for the info

Latest Answer: Hello Soundharya, G4 is available for rent. There was a paint job and everything looks good and ready to go. Pls message me @ ravindran.biju@gmail.com for additional information

Q: Sharing flats list which have confirmed (by tenant or owners) cockroach problems even after trying all pest control companies.
A 404, A 902, B 201, B 203, B 302, C 204, C 302, C 303, C 601, C 603, C 803, D 1002, D 703, X 101, X 504, Y 401

Enter at your own risk.. Almost all 8 blocks have this.
Latest Answer: Call the pest control

Q: Adarsh T1 recently finalized their maintenance calculations with an exorbitant amount 7-8K per month. Below are the kind of comment published in the T1 forum:

"Many properties are tenanted – retrospective recovery is difficult by owner"

The above comment simply signifies that the whole maintenance is targeted to be paid by miserable tenants as this is to be paid from Jan 2016 (9 months in the past).

And for this 8K maintenance, you will get dog poops, broken lights, cockroaches, stinky corridors, etc.
Latest Answer: In the GBM where the maintenance cost was discussed, i was surprised to hear from one of the MC member (name with held) that the increased cost of water is due to tenants misusing the water. APR T1 Tenant

Q: Considering the project being tagged as luxury but the term luxury ends there. Few issues:

Partial DG backup: Power outlets do not work on DG. That means AC, ovens, washer, dryers, geysers, microwave will not work. So get used to showers in cold water.

Frequent power surges: Due to which, you can expect to change all bulbs once a month. A major appliance failing once in 3 months. Have already spent 20K in repair in last 1 year since moving.

High electricity bills: In spite of irregular power, you may get a 5K electricity bill all of a sudden.

Pest treatment for complex not done: No matter how many pest control companies you contract with, you will face constant cockroach (& sometimes rodents) problem in lower floors.

Quality: It has severely degraded in last few months.

Dog Poop Mess: You can find this everywhere (elevators, parks, etc)

High Maintenance costs: Although not yet finalized, expect it to be 6 - 7K per month.

Traffic Problems: Although this applies to all towers, considering the amount of commercial buildings in area, 15 min of walking distance can take 1 hour mostly just to come of complex.
Latest Answer: Hi Vishnu, thanks for sharing your experience as this is going to help the home buyers or people looking for rent in this apartment complex.

Q: DO NOT RENT HERE. You will repent.

Many Issues are there:
Maintenance fees: Crazy calculation of maintenance which can amount to 8K - 10K per month.

Greedy Owners: Just to trouble tenants, association asking for huge maintenance for 6 months in the past.

No RWA: Without an RWA, Association asking for maintenance which is illegal.

Traffic Issues: Although traffic issues are everywhere in Bangalore, but many times, you will spend 30-40 min just to get out of Adarsh onto Ring Road because of offices.

Degrading quality: In spite of huge maintenance being charged, the maintenance & house keeping quality is degrading everyday.
Latest Answer: Thanks for sharing your view about the project as this is really gonna help people who are planning to buy rent or buy a property here.

Q: I need to delete my comment against Unitech Blossoms,Bangalore
Latest Answer: I had posted builder review.Now I wanted to delete the same.There is no specific reason.

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