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Q: Also there is Coco cola which is dumping the waste which is affecting ground water and the same water would be pumped out via borewell. Is it safe to use ground water and wat abt air pollution. Any1 already staying , plz provide correct info
Latest Answer: Yes, Bharath is right. Better, you visit the project site. Don't believe in any rumors. May be somebody from developers side can give you the positive feed back or any past staffs can give you the negative feedback against the builders. Hope, u will understand.

Q: Hi
I am planning to buy flat in from Aditya homes pvt ltd builders in JalaKrishna project.
I wanted to know reviews and past experiences of their customers with other projects like Sunshine. How good they are with flat handover and paperwork approvals etc.

Latest Answer: @ Ankit Please note that there is already a thread running similar to your query, Please have a look... https://www.commonfloor.com/forum/54995e2f6cd5f-information-of-aditya-jala-krishna-apartments-in-miyapur-of-hyderabad Request you to repost your comments on the above posted link.

Q: I have some questions such as:
- Manjeera Water pipeline, and
- Land litigation

Does the land have clear deed? I was told that manjeera water is not available, can we expect anytime soon?
Latest Answer: Hi, I have visited the site recently, builder salesperson said that most of the unit are already sold out and 3 BHK unit is available for sale.I have few point what I observed... 1.Concern of lake being very closeby (mosquitos) 2. Also those who have bought must have got it legally checked... can you pls give us some details... 3. there is a piece of vacant land between aliens n panchajanya; since construction was going on that side..

Q: Dear All, I happen to evade a very big scam recently. As I was planning to buy a 2BHK apartment at Prajapati Elite which is a reasy to move in set-up. After finalising the total cost of apartment, Mr Balaji who is whole and sole in charge of the hyderabad operations told me that as per the new rules sketched by Prajapati Group all new members need to do registration on the total cost of flat i.e. inclusive of car parking ,water and electricity meter. I was shocked after hearing this when my father is in the same profession in Mumbai. Secondly, this guy argued that this is our company rule and they are least bothered about Telangana government registration rules which provides a consumer the right to do registration on only the flat cost i.e. price per sq ft multiplied by built-up area. I did the same for my Bangalore apartment. Infact, a colleague has already bought an apartment in the same phase (3) and his registration was done as per government rules. Now my question is this guy Mr Balaji above Telangana/India government? and if not seems he is trying to fool people who are outside from Hyderabad. I been a resident of this state for 7 years now. Do we have some protection against such kinda marketing guys in India?
Latest Answer: Thanks dear for updating us.I think that registration of project is done on the total cost of flat i.e. per sq ft price, not the overall cost and also registration cost is directly the revenue of state government.In this builder, cant do anything ... If he is doing so take the help of a legal expert.

Q: I am planning to buy land in Matrusri nagar (Miyapur). I see lot of apartments have come up in last two years and lot of construction activity is going on. Also heard GHMC is giving permissions and several banks are providing loans to purchase in this area. So just want to know what is the risk of buying land in this society
Latest Answer: Greater Hyderabad Municipal corporation Formed in 2007 for civic administration and infrastructure development in the city, the collection of taxes etc. These local authorities will provide assistance for property tax in this area so I don't think there is any risk of buying land in this society.

Q: Basically this property should be close to my office and near by good schools and at the same time looking for a property with less water scarcity issues.
Latest Answer: Hi The micromarket of Miyapur has products priced in the range of INR 3000 psf-INR 3800 psf, depending on the location, builder and specification. A builder has forayed the market with the concept of flexi-villas priced in the range of INR 3500 psf-INR 4000 psf.

Q: Hi could you pls provide more details on Empire meadows. i am positively looking to explore the opetion
Latest Answer: How is the ground water here with all the pharma companies around....is it polluted or clean

Q: I just want to know what is current price for 3bhk in Bhanu Township Lantana Block
Latest Answer: The price per sq ft in the Bhanu Township for the 3 bhk apartments is around 4,500/- rupees per sq ft, this price is actually more than the average market price in the locality of hafeezpet, so you can try looking at the other projects that are coming around.

Q: Will be investing in Hyderabad real estate soon enough. My uncle suggested me to look in the areas near the bus terminal in Miyapur. Can anyone tell me if this is a good idea and why? Thanks guys!
Latest Answer: I totally agree with these guys. This is one huge infrastructure development project. I mean the HMDA are spending over Rs 100 crore on this. No wonder it is making such a big splash everywhere. About the status of the project, the last thing I heard was that the tender was given to KRR Infrastructure pvt ltd in 2012. Since then I’ve heard that there are some clearance issues which are delaying the construction process. Does anyone have anymore updates about its current status? I myself am interested to know more about this.

Q: Hi, I want to purchase a 2 or a 3 BHK within a budget of 65 lacs. I would prefer investing in gated communities in and around Miyapur. My friend owns an apartment at Aparna Sarovar near Lingampally, and he suggested investing in an Aparna project. Please help me with details of a ready to move in Aparna project in Miyapur.
Latest Answer: Hi, I deal with SMR Viany Fountainhead, Sai Ram Towers and Aparna Hill Park. These projects are nearby Miyapur and you can get flat around 65 lakhs. For more details contact hydproperties12@gmail.com

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