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Q: Hi I hear from the residence of Godrej Prakriti that from the Electrosteel Factory the exshaust smoke comes inside the project..

PLs let me the truth..as i am planning to buy a flat over there...

Q: Hi, I am planning to invest in Residential Plots @ Salt Lake, Kolkata? Please suggest new biz plan for Salt Lake residential plots.
Latest Answer: Hi, With IT hub being a certain positive factor, there is likely to be an influx of a large number of working professionals which makes even renting out the apartment quite a lucrative option. That is unless you are buying the flat for your own residence. As of today the rental prices for the residential 2 BHk range between Rs 10000 to Rs 20000. The long-term prospects of Salt Lake are great.

Latest Answer: Hi anton, Today there is the result of shukhobristi phase 4 flats, visit website for allotment list of successful draw.

Q: The map & Plot which Greenview villa are showing , are those in their name or it just fake. I am afraid how they are advertising.
Latest Answer: Hi, You can collect all the information related to map and plot from your local municipal. In municipal corporation you will find a paster plan that will show you whether the villa is existed in their name or not. Secondly, check all the legal documents and consult a good property lawyer they will tell you the realty of the plot.

Latest Answer: Sale of application form was for 24.11.2014 to 23.12.2014 and date of submission of offline application is 15.12.2014 to 09.01.2015 whereas the last date of submission of online application is 09.01.2015. So, you can still get off line form from the developer's office showing the receipt copy of the payment made.

Q: The worst developer "Mr Trustable IDEAL Group" who is not capable of fulfilling the commitments.....
It has been more than 4 years I have done my booking in Ideal Enclave 2 in 2011 and after giving me a tentative date of possession in August 2013 since a year "Mr Trustable IDEAL Group" keeps on postponing the dates .Last time I received a mail that the possession will happen in Nov/Dec 2013 and then postponed to January 2014.
So I visited the construction site to find out what’s cooking up there and found out that they have invested all my amount in some other project and construction of my building hasn't been started as yet.
When I asked "Mr Trustable IDEAL Group" how can you demand money on time but not give the possession , they have a different answer that the getting approval to construct a building above 7 floor got delayed .But the truth is before starting any project by any builders they get all this authorizations approved. So when I threatened them to serve a legal notice they said that they will give the possession on Nov 2015. So now 2 years delay by “Mr Trustable IDEAL Group". Seriously I doubt the possession will happen in Nov 2015 too. The most important point when I asked them for interest on the payments or amounts that I have been paying to my landlord in Mumbai as I am unable to shift to Kolkata due to delay, they fairly say that if the possession doesn’t happen after given date i.e Nov 2015 , they will buy the flat with the interest on the paid amount and on the rate past at the time of purchase .
WTF who will pay the interest on the bank loan that have been taken to payoff and who will pay all the rents that I have been paying for 2 years in Mumbai.
"Mr Trustable IDEAL Group" seriously thinks that people are fool
Guys I need your help to spread the word that don’t buy any flats in "Mr Trustable IDEAL Group" because seriously its fooling around with time and its will be great if I can get some Consumer court redressal procedure.
Latest Answer: Manjari/Danish/Subhajit plz let me know if anyone is going to sue Ideal. As I am going to do so soon. Already have sent legal notice but no reply. This week, I am going to file a case. My email is pinaki.ranjan.sarker@gmail.com or just send me SMS 7044787057. I wil call you back. ~Pinaki

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