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Q: I have a 2 story house in a gated community. It has 4 bedrooms with attached bath, study, powder room , living, dinning, and family room. I big kitchen. It is roughly 3300 of living space. The site is 3270 sq ft.
Latest Answer: You can call on this toll-free number 1800-833-1801 Or List your property for sale at List property for sale to find right buyer

Latest Answer: The project is good and has got all the necessary approvals. But when you are buying landowner share you should check few things such as 1) Please check the agreement between land owner and the developer 2) If the land is a joint holding, please check the partition deed. Agreement between the land owners.

Q: Where exactly is the project located at Mahadevpura and what are the types of units available also kindly share the rate per sqft details.
Latest Answer: How is the real estate market doing in Mahadevpura? How is the connectivity and accessibility to other parts of the city?

Q: Hi All,

Let me inform you that Aaditya D Enclave has a major issue in terms of the Family which stays in Flat 201 and they also consider themselves the owner of the whole property.
The are very abusive and ready to fight,also does not lets the residents use the basic facilities like parking and drainage system.
I request you to please blacklist this society.
Latest Answer: You can join the Commonfloor Group, of Aditya D Enclave, Mahadevpura by clicking on this link https://www.commonfloor.com/aditya-d-enclave-bangalore/covp-6phcyr and http://groups.commonfloor.com/ and get in touch with other owners who have already booked a flat in this project and discuss about the same. Commonfloor.com's apartment management software is absolutely free of cost, Anti spam and provides complete data security and privacy(http://www.commonfloor.com/apartment-communities/pricing). To find the benefits of joining the software please find this link ( http://www.commonfloor.com/apartment-communities/benefits-owners) Already 1 lakh apartment society are using Commonfloor Groups to bridge the gap of communication among the owners and MC ( Management Committee)

Q: I am thinking of booking a 2 bhk in this project. It will be great if anyone can help me with the price and approval details.
Latest Answer: IS this review for real? Dude, Ozone Promenade is not even started the construction. How can you be staying there for past one year? Are you the one who is working on excavation there?

Q: Is Shilpitha splendour Annex A-Khata property? Is the paper work for the property complete like CC, OC etc.
Latest Answer: Hi Swati, According to the rule, the builder cannot hand over the property to the buyers until and unless he obtains OC from BBMP. It is one of the completed project by Maithri Developers and it has got approval from BBMP and leading financial institutions.

Q: Looking for 2BHK Rental Apt for family. kindly let me know if any availability.
Latest Answer: ndependent floor available for rent, centrally located. With all facilities like AC, solar heater, borewell, Gysers, UPS, sofa, wardrobes and beds. Well suited for company guesthouses and small families. This is a located in a dead end road, with minimal traffic movement, however you could reach the main road within 5 min of walk with access to hospitals, auto stands and market area. Area - Chinappa Gardens, Benson Town Post.

Q: Hi,
I want to buy a resale flat in Bangalore which is ready to move by November this year. My sealer has not registered that flat on his name yet. He has not paid the Vat and Service Tax to Builder. But he is willing to sale now.
My questions is :
1 Who should bear the Service Tax and VAT charges of property if I buy that flat.
Latest Answer: Hi Sandip, First the seller has to register the property in his name and then only he can sell off the same. If he has not registered the property that means there is some or the other issue with the property. Please take help from a lawyer.

Q: hi, I am planning to buy a flat in Garuda Starfield.
Mainly am concerned about (Sewage treatment plant)STP, as far as I know its mandatory for apartmemts with more than 50 flats but though Garuda starfield has 60 units, it doesnt have a STP.Himanshu says its not mandatory as apartment is directly connected to main drainage. Is this true? Is STP not required?

Himanshu also told me that
1) Gym is operational
2) Swimming pool is operational
3) Clubhouse-waiting for approval but will get it for sure
4)Maintenance is done by builder currently with the corpus fund
5) Parking allocation all done.
6) They provide video phones connnected to security ,but since they are out of order currently and will be replaced soon.

Any other problemns faced?
Latest Answer: The situation at Garuda Star field is worse the above mentioned things are history 1 Gym is not all working both treadmill out of condition and no proper maintenance 2 Swimming was working and its history now since last 6 months its closed 3 There is no water is this apartment and huge water problem. We need to store water in buckets to go to bathroom also People are made to suffer 2nd block has more severe water problems 4 Childrens play area is not maintained since last 2 year, stones, glass pieces, shit and dirt are covered there No maintenance at all 5 Maintenance is too high and association does not disclose anything the expenditure also Every month they need on 1st the amount that too in cash even in demonetization period also. 6 Security people are very arrogant and rude to tenants 7 Tenants are made to suffer in this apartment and asking anything to association they say ask to your owner we are not responsible 8 complain book is there but no use

Q: Has anybody booked flat in SaiKrupa Sandesh, Mahadevpura?

Builder Name- SaiKrupa Ventures
Latest Answer: I am planning to book in this Can some one share your contact details to discuss My email is chaitu.dec14@gmail.com

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