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Q: Hi, I want to buy a free hold land. Is it possible to convert an agricultural land into a residential land? What is the process?
Latest Answer: Sir, i have 23 acre of land in industrial zone in Gadwal municipality. I want to take up construction of private function hall in the said land using 2 to 3 acres for the purpose. Please let me know whether the function hall is permissible in industrial zone or not according to municipal rules of Telangana state.

Q: I need to buy residential plot at Deva road. Please suggest me a reliable and trust-worthy builder there. I need a plot about low budget plot thats why i am looking around deva road. what all do i need to verify before buying LAND. Suggest me the right builder there because there projects are not any bank approved, No loaning available for small builders. please suggest.
Latest Answer: Hi Sumit, If you are planning to buy a residential plot at Deva road, check classifieds and online listings for properties in Lucknow. Once you find a plot that match your requirement, you can ask for copies of land document and get them verified by a legal expert. You should be worried about reliable and trust-worthy builder only if you are buying a flat or house from individual or builder. For buying a plot of land, you just need to verify property documents, ensure there is no legal disputes and liability on property, this can be done by help of good legal expert in your city. Thankyou

Q: Phase II is of 142 plots....
Latest Answer: Does any one have 1500 SQFT block in duo city phase 1 or 2? I am really keen to buy.

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