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Q: Our builder has been maintaining the apartment complex since its not completely handed over to the association due to pending work. now he is charging a higher maintenance fees than what was agreed and he wants us to pay this retrospectively. Is this legal ?

Latest Answer: No, the builder cannot increase the maintenance charges without prior notice. I think you should discuss with the apartment association, as this is illegal.

Q: Has anyone verified the documents incliuding link documents with a reputed lawyer?
Latest Answer: Hey Mohammad, As far as I know the project has got approvals from HMDA and all the leading banks. The project looks affordable and the possession is expected by end of this year.

Q: if any one is ready to file cunjumer complant in sahara city home jaipur.
Latest Answer: Yes, first of all make a Whatsapp or Face Book Group and ask all the buyers of this project to join. Once they joined then call for a meeting. Take the decision and file a suit in the civil and criminal court and ask for the compensation.

Q: Do we have to wait for builder to register himself or can we go ahead and buy a house and it will come u der RERA automatically?

Latest Answer: I agree with Debanjan. Establishment of Real Estate Appellate Tribunals that will handle property disputes, with the intention of delivering quick and unambiguous resolutions. Setting up of an advisory body, to deal with matters related to govt-sponsored real estate developments. In one of the most important addendum to the RERA, real estate brokers also fall under its ambit.

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Q: Hello ,

I have a question about property documents related to joint property. we have a single house divided among me and my brother and there was a partition deed done. now the question arises that who should be having the original link documents for that property as the document would only be one. and in future if my brother sells out his portion of the house and if he gives original link documents then i would face a issue which going for a home loan for construction of my portion as i will not have the original link documents for my property. please assist on how to go about the same.

Latest Answer: Hi, Here are the detail information of your query. Click on the link, http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Repository/ml.asp?Ref=VE9JQkcvMjAxMy8wNi8xNCNBcjA0NjAw&Mode=HTML

Latest Answer: We should provide facility for any customer in retail business, we have best agents for supply real estate building for whom they follow best business place.

Q: I am selling my flat and buyer is taking loan on my flat and he is saying after That I will give you money and the process of registration is already done with sub register office already he has taken all the original document but now he want NOC from my society and my society is giving NOC but on my name but purchaser is insisting take NOC on his name. Plz give me suggestions what to do.
Latest Answer: Have you transferred the ownership rights to your buyer if not then your society will issue the NOC in your name only. Until and unless you don't transfer the ownership rights to the new buyer, NOC will be issued to your name only. So, try to make him understand about the legal procedure.

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Q: I need some clarification regarding a major problem that we have been facing in our Apartment since about an year or so. I'm from Hyderabad and live in a well known apartment where about 100+ families live. We have formed an association and registered the same about 6 years back. Now a few members (about 10 owners) have been really non-cooperative and creating problems for others and it has become literally impossible to tackle these people. They are rich and influential. Now recently they have registered another name for their group and named their association. Now my question is, does the “Societies Registration Act” or the "Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Societies Registration Act , 2001" allow multiple association registrations in the same complex? Is this legally valid.

Any help/suggestion in this regard would be really helpful and much appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Latest Answer: As per knowledge, an apartment cannot have multiple registered associations. For better clarification, you can get in touch with a legal expert.

Latest Answer: Even i read this news stating that a GR issued on 5th January 2017, states that if the charges are paid_conversion tax, non-agriculture fee and other taxes, then the land should be converted for non-agriculture purpose within 30 days of all the necessary payments.

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