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Q: Consider the undivided share of the owner of a flat decreases with respect to the value given in the sale deed. What should be the compensation for the shares that is reduced?
Latest Answer: I think you should talk to the builder regarding the decrease in the UDS because there is no way to compensate for the same.

Q: I sold my house on 31st July(registered on the same date),and received the cheque on the same day which was cleared on 3rd August. Before the sale deed was done it was agreed verbally that i will vacate the house within 25 days after the cheque is realised. However, the purchaser now wants me to vacate ASAP. Is there any legal way to stop this from happening?

Latest Answer: Hi subham, As i know, when the new owner gets possession of the property, he issues a 3 days notice to vacate the property. Leaving before or during the 3 days period avoids an eviction lawsuit by the new owner. After that notice, the new owner files an unlawful detainer lawsuit with the court in your county of residence. You receive five days to respond to the lawsuit. A trial is schedules within 20 days of the notice. Once the judge signs off on the eviction, you receive five days to vacate the property before the sheriff issues a lock-out order and changes the locks.

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Q: I want understood advocate in allahabad who disputes our problem can any one suggest me the best lawyers ?
Latest Answer: Hello Sir, Are you a criminal lawyer or Civil lawyer? I am looking for a property lawyer to verify some legal papers for buying a property in Allahabad. If you know any please update his or her details do that i can communicate with them. Thanks

Q: This whole building received an eviction notice from Human Rights Commission in July 2017.. Municipality summoned about 30 establishments were functioning in this building. None of the offices ( residential apartment ) do not posses any legal papers to rent it out for commercial activities. each flats are rented out as office space will not be able to file for professional tax or any other for that matter. as on First of August 2017, This building is facing critical maintenance hassles and power and water issues. DO NOT OCCUPY THIS SPACE ON RENTAL, until the guidelines are followed and receive the clearance from health department of Thrikkakkara municipality and clearance from Human Rights Commission. Please read all documents carefully before signing agreements. save yourself from fraudulence personals imposing as resident association officials..
Latest Answer: Thank you for sharing the information in this forum as this will definitely help the home buyer who are planning to buy properties in resale as well as the renters who are looking for apartments for rent.

Q: Completion date was Dec2013 with delay penalty of Rs 5 sq ft. Am I eligible for interest from the builder as penalty for delay as per RERA?

Latest Answer: Yes, you are liable to get interest from the builder as penalty for delay at the rate of 10% of the estimated cost. Take the advice of a legal expert on this matter, he will guide you in a proper manner.

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Q: Hi, I had purchased a flat in 2013 in Noida sector 75. UP and builder is giving the possession now i.e. 2 years delay. due to the halt in construction i also delayed in paying the builder, so now at the time of possession builder has charged interest 18 p.a. and giving 5 rs p.sq.ft as penalty (which are as per the BBA). I tried to persuade the builder to waive off the interest which he has charged but all efforts went in vain. Builder has also applied for the OC with Noida authority on 9-Oct-2016 and RERA in UP was notified on 27-Oct-16. Now with the RERA in place in UP, i see that the builder and project is registered on UP rera website, but i am not sure if the builder comes under the RERA act, Which if applied should compel the builder to compensate me on the same rate of interest which he is charging me. Could you pleae help to identify if the builder is under the RERA? and if i should go ahead and take the action against the builder and register the complaint against him on the UP RERA website.
Latest Answer: As per your agreement when was the possession date? If builder will have given you delay possession then you can file a case against the builder for delay possession and ask for the compensation. And secondly, if builder has not register its project with RERA then the entire project will considered as illegal and builder has to pay a hefty amount the Noida Authority as penalty.

Q: The land belongs to My father who has a sale deed but no Katha yet and I want to get a GPA to work on requesting Katha etc
. The guys in front of Yelahanka sub registrar asked for Rs 5000

Latest Answer: I think you should consult a legal expert in this matter and for further clarification, you can read about GPA here https://www.kaanoon.com/84331/registered-gpa-of-farmland-in-karnataka-validity-risks

Latest Answer: Hi Sonu, The Supreme Court of India on 20th September 2012 ruled that the land belonging to SC or ST can not be bought by no-dalits, including companies as such transactions are unconstitutional. You have to be a SC or ST for buying such type of plots.

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Q: tea garden land in ithalar village Ooty how I can sell it in to residential plot of 7 cents each
Latest Answer: Hi Subhash, There are no restrictions for those looking at investing in agricultural land. You can sell out your tea garden to anyone but you to convert those land into residential one. The maximum extent of land that can be purchased is 59.95 acres and it can be converted into non-agricultural land by the orders of the district collector, provided that no agricultural activity has been carried out in the said land during the last 10 years (prior to the date of conversion).

Q: How can I see the CC of a builder in bangalore ? Sales people they have CC but are reluctant of sharing it.

Latest Answer: It is not possible to check anyway whether the builder has received CC from the concerned department or not until and unless they show you the documents and you do the verification with the help of a legal expert.

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