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Q: The definition of an allottee includes not only a transferee by sale but also by another transfer whatsoever. Which would include a mortgagee too. So can a mortgagee have the same rights as an allottee?

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Q: how can i surrender it. Its a clause in the booklet. They never reply to mails nor they fix appointments neither pick calls many times. What should i do


Q: What really differs Maatrum Property Report and Onlince EC


Q: I have bought an under construction flat in Bhubaneswar and I am hearing I might be called for registration. But I am currently located in USA and cannot be present physically to register. Do I need to prepare Power of Attorney to someone to do the flat registration. I heard since it is a flat and not a land I do not need to even give Power of Attorney and instead all the registration docs can be just sent to me to USA and then I can send it back with my signatures. Please advise if I am correct

Q: Hi
I booked 3 bhk 1775sqft revanta kings court in 2014 and paid land amount after promising to provide possession in 2018 end. But after many follow up found no construction start yet. Asking refunding my money giving many excuse. Request to kindly suggest further.


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Q: Occupaion certificate has not been obtained and land cost has not been paid by many ownrs of this society HEWO APPARTMENT 2 SECTOR 56 CGHS 41. What is the remedy and how can this be resolved. Due to this residential flat is not transferable in buyers name.Although its been 7 years since possession was given and project got completed
Latest Answer: I agree with Mr. Hitesh. Remember about Campa Cola Society of Mumbai. A year back, Campa Cola Society wad demolished by BMC in absence of Occupancy Certificate. Corporation will disconnect your electricity and water connection if your society will not have Occupancy Certificate.

Latest Answer: You can call on this toll free number 1800-833-1801 Or List your property for sale at List property for sale to find right buyer

Q: we are an apartment association registered under Karnataka societies act and running for the past 15 years in Mysore. Questions are-
1. Is it illegal?
2. Can we switch KAOA( No commercial property is there)
3. Is it mandatory to charge Maintenance as per Sq ft basis only as per KAOA?
Latest Answer: Mysore is in Karnataka hence registered under Karnataka societies registration act !. Hence request answers for specific questions pls?

Q: If the local residents in a residential colony under GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) limits object to the construction on grounds of inconvenience, traffic, water problem, the building go ahead?
Latest Answer: Residents can give objection for the construction of a school in a residential colony. So better is a good option to get in touch with a reputed Architects and you should have all the necessary approvals.

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