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Q: Hi, I recently saw a plot and want to purchase it.
The plot is having measurement 30 * 40 but it is having additional land near that is nearly 400 sq ft
The builder will give the plot to people who purchase both plot (thus making over all shape odd).
Builder is saying they will give A Khatha. I am sure about 30 * 40 site that they can give A Khata.
But what about the 400 sq ft?
Some where I have read that minimum 600 sq ft will get A Khatha.

Should I go for the property? Kindly suggest..

In site plan, 30 * 40 and 400 sq ft part is shown seperately..so I am not sure that is part of actual approved plan..

THanks in Advance.

Latest Answer: Hey Albin, I do not think there is any hard and fast rule that if the plot is minimum 600 sqft then only you will get A Khata for the property. But can take legal help from some expert.

Q: How many layout are falling under Green belt in Nagpur?

Latest Answer: Around 500- 600 layouts come under the green belt.

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