Ashwini Khopkar
Q: Hi All, I have bought the flat in 5B building of Kalpataru Estates(Pimple Gurav) phase-2. I have taken loan from nationalised bank for purchasing this flat. Bank has already made disbursement till tiling completed phase but to make last disbursement(on possession) it requires occupation certificate from the Builder. Our flat is also completed.Builder had promised to give OC till January 2011 .But till date we have not received this document and hence our possession is pending so we have to continue leaving on rent.Currently we are also paying full EMI to bank Is anyone aware why builder is taking so long to get this document.What are possible hurdles in getting OC. Everytime we get reply from site office that we will get OC within next 15 days.

Q: Hi All, I have bought the flat in 5B building of Kalpataru Estates(Pimple Gurav) phase-2 Before giving possession the builder is asking all the flat owners to deposit 4% of property value as FD in HDFC Bank Sangavi Branch. The Kalpataru flat owners have to unncessarily block INR 1 Lakh to INR 1.5 Lakh in the name of MVAT. The FD will remain in the name of owner but power of execution will lie with Kalpataru Ltd. What is the rate of interest given by HDFC Bank on this FD.What is the tenure for this deposit. Is Tax at source deducted on this FD amount. Are any other formalities required to be completed while opening a Fixed deposit for MVAT purpose. Is anyone aware about the current status of the MVAT case pending in court. Are other builders following the same procedure.
Latest Answer: Hello Friends, I am another owner of 4A-901. I am about to get possession on coming weekend however unfortunately they never mentioned @ depositing any amount with HDFC as FD...

Q: I have received demand letter for tiling completed.Since my flat in wing 5B is purchased on Bank Loan,Bank is not ready to disburse amount until architect certificate for the same is issued by the builder.I am not getting proper response for the same from the site office.Are other owners facing the same problem?
Latest Answer: Ashutosh, some of the banks require architect letter along with demand letter for disbursement. Ashwini, just ask Kalpataru to provide it, i have taken the architect letter for each disbursement that I have done till date. One more thing, just for your own record, do keep a copy of the demand letter and architect letter before handing it over to the bank.

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