prakash nayak
Q: I have a flat in Manipal and it’s not yet registered on my name. The builder has made an agreement with me and has taken the entire amount. The price fixed by the builder for registration is 14.5lakhs. I want to sell the flat and builder agrees for it but the market price for flat is 33 lakh so if anyone wants to take a housing loan for the flat can he gets more than 14.5 lakh? Is there any problem for the builder to register it on higher value? How much loan can be taken on that flat?

Latest Answer: Hey Prakash, for home loan it depends on how much is your income and are you able to pay the interest. There can be a big issue if you want to sell the flat as till now the flat is still not registered in your name. If you are selling the flat to a buyer he will ask you fro all the documents. So better to do the registration to the earliest.

Q: I want to sell flat. Any one intresed can buy my flat. it is semi furnished.

Latest Answer: Hi..Post your property at

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