Q: New government formed in UP. Will it be really helpful for the real estate industry in the state?
Latest Answer: The entire real estate industry of UP is expecting more opportunity from the new government. They are looking for good investment policies as well as proper construction plan should be implemented by the new government to enhance the growth of the entire state.

Q: Why now a days Private equity is investing in real estate?
Latest Answer: As the rate of return is more in Real Estate, The private equity firms are more interested to invest into real estate.

Q: Why the politicians invest in Real estate?
Latest Answer: It is only because the politicians has a good inflow of funds which they can invest for the development for their locality. You can follow to know more on this.

Q: Is It essential to buy a commercial property only in a place where prior market is present?
Latest Answer: That is easier to utilize the existing market for the new comers if existing market is present in the location of the new commercial place

Q: What DLF is working only in Gurgaon?

Latest Answer: Yes it is true DLF projects are spread all over India but the most beautiful DLF new projects are in Gurgaon .Dlf sky court is all set to provide us 3/4 bhk apartment .Visit

Q: This is weird! How can one flat be booked for two people? Is this really happening in Indian real estate sector?

Latest Answer: Yeah this is very true, recently a similar case happen in Kolkata. An employee of a private company who own a flat at Kush Apartment has been registered in someone else’s name even though the former have all the original documents with him. Its really shocking.

Q: What is NRI's role play in Indian real estate sector?

Latest Answer: These days NRI's play a vital role in Indian real estate market. As the number of NRI's investments are increasing the real estate property prices are increasing tremendously. NRI's have become competitors to Indians in real estate market India.

Q: What new plans are upcoming at DLF city in Gurgaon? Is the whole locality under makeover project?

Latest Answer: Hey, I heard that DLF city in Gurgaon is just out from one of the mess wherein the residents had encroached upon the roadside to construct boundary walls. Ya, also at the same pace the colony is getting all set and ready for beautification project. It is only the DLF city phase which is conceptualized for makeover but not the whole city.

Q: I am planning to shift to Amarjyoti Layout as my office is in Domlur. Please update me as how is the location. Is there any civic woes in that area?

Latest Answer: We have told BBMP and BWSSb about what are the problems we are facing but they did not pay any heed about the problems.

Q: Has anyone invested in this project? How is the project, please share your views?

Latest Answer: Do you have any idea why Pristine Properties, Jalan Group & Maple Group projects are getting delayed now days. I heard many projects are pending for possessions or delayed for many years. Neo City wagholi Pune, Pristine Ivy Estate Pune, Jalan Aura City Pune and Maple Apla Ghar. and Pristine city Bakori Road. All projects are having issues of work delay. I know these builders are good but why these projects owners are facing problems now days. I will suggest if some one getting ready possession flat in these projects book it immediately else booking under possession in these projects then big NO

Q: How are the developers going to attract the cautious investors and buyers?

Latest Answer: As per report, the developers are offering attractive offers to attract more and more investors. The developers has put scheme that if the project gets delayed or canceled the investors will get a return of about 12 percent per annum. Even the developers are giving more interests than the bank on fixed deposits done by the investors.

Q: When is the municipal corporation planning to impose property tax in Chandigarh?

Latest Answer: Earlier only civic body was directed to impose property tax in Chandigarh, however it was not implemented as city poll was approaching. But now they have taking it seriously and the civic body is soon going to impose property tax for residential space in Chandigarh.

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