Q: The government amended new policies for the real estate industry for the development of residential properties. Will that make the city more planned one?
Latest Answer: The government took the decision to reduce the congestion on the city. If the number of residents is less in the city, there will be less density of people inside the city. That will make the city clean and clear till proper infrastructure will be constructed

Q: Why the electricity department will shutdown the power for the entire day? Can’t they do it is different timing at different places?

Latest Answer: Hi Sabhajit, hope it will not be a continuous power cut through out the day.

Q: How much SBI is charging for the processing fee on home loans?

Latest Answer: Recently SBI has cut down the processing fee on home loans. Loan taken between Rs 30lakhs-75lakhs for that amount the processing fees on home loan will be from Rs 6,500-Rs 10,000. People who are taking loan above Rs 75lakhs the processing fee will be Rs 10,000- Rs 20,000.

Q: When is the Northern corridor getting functional?

Latest Answer: As far as I know the Northern corridor between Peenya and Sampige Road is likely get functional by December 2012.

Q: How many BHK is available in the project and what is their size?

Latest Answer: visit ittina website. they have put up all the details.

Q: What is the name of the fresh water lake that the project faces and does it lie within the boundary of the project?

Latest Answer: The project faces the Korattur lake which gives a sense of relaxation.

Q: What is the forecast of Indian Realty market in 2012?

Latest Answer: According to sources, it is found that the year 2012 also seems to be dull. Due to less investment in real estate market, developer groups are going cash dry with high levels of debt.

Q: Can the authority make Karnataka a slum free state?

Latest Answer: The State Cabinet have already agreed to give land deed titles to the slum dwellers. The State Cabinet has taken this step to make Karnataka a slum free state and to provide basic level infrastructure to the residents.

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