researchguy, Bangalore
Q: I would like to know If investing in apartment a sensible decision, if we are to rent it out and then sell it after 5 years. Assuming i also get tax benefit for interest paid. I am not getting one in my budget. What should be ideal price of flat if i want rent it out at 15 K?

Latest Answer: Buying a property for renting is trend in real estate in India. If you are going for Property in Bangalore , choose a property wisely so that it can easily fetch anywhere between 15k to 20 K but as per my knowledge, you cannot enjoy tax benefit as one side you will get tax benefit for interest paid but on the other side Income from rent is taxable income.

Q: Flat prices are reaching sky high, under such situation, is renting a better option? Does it make sense to buy a flat with interest rates being so high.

Latest Answer: I personally feel that renting an apartments is very cost-effective and time saving. Renting an apartment always gives the tenant a complete freedom from stress and anguish, and also saves their time to enjoy a happy and healthy affordable lifestyle.

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