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Adopt waterless car wash @ your apartments and contribute for water conservation
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i reuse old towels and old terry cloth robes by cutting them into sizes that can be used while cleaning house, i rewash and reuse them, that has stopped u7s buying poaper towels
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Soak fruits and vegetables in a 50/50 solution of distilled white vinegar and water, then scrub lightly with a produce brush to wash away pesticides and kill bacteria.
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Adopt a recycle/reuse life style. Some of the very common products that could be put to proper recycle are. Its just about systematic approach than throwing all of it in landfill. Tins/Cans, Cartridges, Cloths, Paper/cardboard, Plastic, Glass
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Natural feeds you can produce in your backyard are what chickens would eat in the wild. Whatever they don't eat gets tilled in the garden and in winter use it for a hot meal mixed with grain.
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Separate your waste into recyclable, degradable food waste and general waste, this reduces thrash by one third or more and less goes into the landfills!
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Find local swaps in your area. Peace. love. swap has baby/kid/maternity/teen clothing and gear swaps all the time Its a way to keep gently used items out of our landfills and to donate to local charities.
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Dont encourage the use of plastic polybags provided in shopping malls. If available get good looking jute bags for carrying grocery etc.
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Prefer glass cups or pottery items. Minimize your usage of plastic and disposable items.
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Dont buy use and throw items. Try to use any and everything for several times till its worth of no use or simply give away for free instead of just dumping it somewhere in the corner.
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Say No to Polythene bags
Polythene bags are a complete menace to environment through its whole life cycle...

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