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please plant atleast one tree in your life time,We can design Green World if every one on globe goes for it!!
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Vinegar is a great all-natural, eco-friendly, inexpensive way to clean windows, disinfect bathrooms and countertops, mop floors or clean carpets.
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The Pongamia tree and many other trees are in full bloom. Make sure they get enough water but also collect their seeds and saplings in milk packets and take care of them till June so that you can plant them and increase the green cover of the city and your neighborhood.
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Install water saving devices in your home on the sinks, showers and the flush of the toilet.
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When your children are on vacation this summer, consider encouraging them to participate in eco-friendly activities and save energy, water and envrionment.
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Dont just put things in trash, when you can Free-Cycle. Put up stuff online for sale or free and help recycle. Use
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Meanwhile, the newest gas water heaters on the Market have efficiencies above 85 percent.
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Avoid using polybags. But when you no other option, Recycle your polythene covers, return them back to grocery shops.
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A cycle is zero on emission levels and can bypass the most congested traffic without any hassles. Thus it is more efficient in pollution norms and doesn't get stuck up at heavy traffic congestion.
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think before you buy any stuff , whether you can do without it .
Contributed by: ritu bhardwaj | Share this | Contribute!

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Say No to Polythene bags
Polythene bags are a complete menace to environment through its whole life cycle...

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