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Fix if any water leaks and keep regular check for leaks. Install water saving devices in your faucets and toilets. Install a low flow shower head. Check outdoor for leakage.
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Old toilets consume more water, replace old toilets with new one that helps to save water and consumes less water. New technology has led to save water in bathroom and toilets.
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Always buy recycled paper for business stationeries and to use in printer. Never waste paper in printer or copying machine. Use printer that can print on both side, this helps to save paper.
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Clothes driers consume more energy and you can use clothesline on sunny day and whenever there is sun shines. Let the clothes dry naturally.
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Some personal care and household products contains chemicals. These chemicals are harmful for our skin and environment. Choose natural and chemical free products for personal care and household. Remember never to buy more than what you need.
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At grocery store choose neither plastic bags nor paper bags. Paper bag leads to cut down of millions of trees a year and plastic takes more than 1000 years to decompose. Use cloth bag for your shopping at grocery store.
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Wash dishes in a basin of water than washing under running water to save water. Use this water to water your plants and garden outdoor. Reuse water for watering plants or garden.
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Keep drapes and shades closed in day during summer and in night during winter. This helps to prevent warming up indoor atmosphere in summer and extreme cooling in winter. Keeping drapes and shades closed helps to keep indoor temperature neither too hot in summer nor too cool in winter.
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Bicycle helps to save environment and reduce pollution. Encourage to use bicycle than using motor vehicles. Riding bicycle is a good exercise and reduces environment pollution. Companies can encourage their employees to buy bicycle by reimbursing.
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Vehicle emits carbon monoxide and keeping your vehicle engine on waste fuel and pollutes environments. Smoke from engine triggers asthma and bad for health. Switch off engine to save fuel and save environment.
Contributed by: Meenakshi Shankar | Share this | Contribute!

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