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Small pieces of unused land should be used to plant trees. They look beautiful and help bring down the heat.
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When traveling on a bike, give lifts to other travelers. Helps save fuel.
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Get your vehicles checked and serviced regularly, to reduce carbon and smoke emission
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Use the water left after rinsing your clothes to wash off the balconies / toilets - save water guys...Use a mud pot to cool water instead of storing it in the refrigerator - will save power and also good for health.
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Print documents only if neccesary and in fewer number of copies. Use both sides of the page to print (Set this as your default setting). Also you may use advance print options to print multiple pages on the same page.
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Car pool to your workplace, it only needs a small adjustment in your schedules. You can socialize and get to know your neighbors and colleagues while driving, reduce your driving stress and save the money spent on fuel and maintenance.
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Soak the rice and lentils in water for sometime before you cook, it not only helps you save cooking gas, but is also good for health as the grains absorb water
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Once a day, avoid taking lift and climb up to your apartment. It would not only help save the high power consumed by lifts but would also help you reduce those extra calories and the cost of joining the gym.
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You should only take and prepare the food as much as you can eat. Do not waste it. If it is going wasted make sure to feed a dog or cow.
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Exchange your old appliance for newer one which consumes less energy. New appliances are designed to save electricity and meet your requirements. Exchange your old appliances and best utilize the offers. Check for labels and efficiency of appliances.
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Say No to Polythene bags
Polythene bags are a complete menace to environment through its whole life cycle...

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